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What can catch in church?

Running forward, at once I will answer a question of article - all diseases which are transmitted through a mouth, a nose, skin. And now is more detailed as it occurs.

A liturgy - the main church service of orthodox church - comes to an end with lay communion with Sacred Christ`s Secrets, or Sacred Gifts. What is it? According to Christian representations, during a liturgy the bread and wine made in advance turn into a true Body and Christ`s Blood. At the end of a liturgy the priest from an altar takes out a bowl with Sacred Gifts, says a prayer and communion begins. Believers under singing “Accept the Christ`s body, a source of immortality taste“ reverentially taste Sacred Gifts.

I specially not to offend believers, write these words from capital letter as it is accepted in ecclesiastical writing. But the subject of article demands to look at it from other point of view. I hope that other point of view if it is so possible to tell, objectively - medical, will not be offensive for believers. And if is, then it is a good occasion to think of the belief and of why such point of view is offensive.

Externally Sacred Secrets look as the pieces of the softened white loaf soaked with strongly diluted table wine (cahors wine) and believers from one spoon, often licking it language and lips, eat these pieces of bread. As the priest who served in church twenty years I can tell that some communicants at the same time test religious enthusiasm or try to represent it, but most of believers does it out of a religious debt. But the main thing the fact that from one spoon - in church language it is called “spoon“ - can take communion to two hundred people, transmitting through saliva each other the worms, viral and bacterial infections. The fact that the organism of each person comprises, as a rule, a set of the known pathogenic microorganisms bacteria and viruses - now is the medical fact.

Activity of bacteria and viruses in an organism depends on competence of immune system of the person. The bad ecological situation of the large cities, advanced age and chronic diseases of people reduce efficiency of immune system. Thus, the church becomes a zone of the increased risk of infection with worms, a bacterial and viral infection - the main and constant contingent of believers consists of the elderly and sick people who came to church behind healing. Also they take communion for the sake of the healing from one spoon - a spoon!

When I gave communion to people, involuntarily paid attention to color of language at communicants. Healthy color of language occurred only at children, most of believers had language of pale or white color that speaks about a bad condition zheludochno - an intestinal path and an organism in general.

the Belief that Sacred Secrets destroy a bacterial and viral infection is only a subject of belief of the person. Worms, pathogenic bacteria and viruses live on “belief“ which essence - reproduction and distribution. In this sense they very much “love“ church. Orthodox tradition of a kissing of icons, relics, crosses and hands at priests even if they very sacred, also promotes a transmission of infection.

Perhaps, constant aggression, irritability and the suppressed mood of many believers are connected with worms and chronic infectious processes which are supported constantly by traditional church life?.

The ancient church rule orders to excommunicate the parishioners who passed three weeks without participle thereby inducing them to it. It is known that all vital problems of the person, beginning from the bad relations in a family and finishing all diseases including incurable, “are won“ church in the unique way: the thicket should take communion! Alas, it “medical action“ does not yield desirable results and has a set of side effects about which this article.

I want to highlight that to catch worms and any infections it is possible not only in church, and anywhere, through food and water. Rospotrebnadzor somehow watches it, but does not pay attention to the church environment as a special zone of risk at all. Probably, in Rospotrebnadzor already all Orthodox Christians.

After a liturgy the priest should make for the health the most terrible - what remained in a bowl after a participle, it is necessary to eat, or in church language - “to consume“. And in a bowl there is a mix by this time from absolutely become limp pieces of bread and human saliva which gets to a bowl from a spoon during communion. Usually the deacon, but if it is absent consumes a bowl or it somehow could shirk it, then the priest gets consumption of a shrine. However, fans of alcohol are priests and deacons - consume a bowl with great pleasure especially as after consumption the portion of cahors wine is necessary. Here pertinently to notice that, on my long-term supervision, among clergy and church parishioners very few healthy people.

When I left church, first of all was engaged in cleaning of the organism from not really sacred gifts received during service. I will refrain from intimate details, but only I will tell that on it several years left. Treatment of one iyersinioz took half a year.

There is one more illness which is treated much more difficultly, than a parasitic or bacterial infection. This poisoning with “spiritual raw vodka“. What is it?

B V. I. Lenin in the article “Socialism and Religion“ wrote 1905: “The religion is opium of the people. Religion - a sort of spiritual raw vodka in which slaves to the capital heat the human image, the requirements on how many - nibud worthy the person life“ .

If the person in church “drowned“ the human image, - and it, first of all, the right and happiness to live the own way and most to be responsible for the life, then he cannot live without church and “Saint“ fathers any more, becomes religious dependent, plunging into the abyss of “sin“ and infinite fruitless repentance. The weakening of health caused by continuous infection in church with pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria and viruses only supports a condition of religious dependence, doing the person more and more obedient and operated.