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How it is correct to make the household movements? Lay down! What else simple movements we constantly make

? We lay down and get up! And these operations performed daily many times can be carried out correctly too, that is without tension. To win in force, we should extend and round the movements, to try to use turns and twisting.

We will sort on an example. From a chair we got up, we will get out of a bed now. Rise on legs the same, as at a rising from a chair. But in the beginning it is necessary to pass from lying situation into sedentary. How? Rift! Let`s assume that we lie on a back. Bend legs in knees and incline knees, let us assume, to the right. After knees the lower part of a trunk, and behind it and top will turn.

It is clear, what to rise on a floor from the middle of a double bed will not turn out. In advance settle down so that knees at turn overhung from edge of a bed. Smoothly we continue the movement, straightening legs and lowering them on a floor, passing into a sitting position (lower and top speak rapidly bodies - counterbalances, a point of support - buttocks). How to rise from a sitting position, we already know.

We lay down upside-down. Mudflows also we lay down sideways, the lower body (opposite part of the lever) by itself naturally rises from a floor. And further we are rolled though on a back though on other side. Keyword here: we are rolled . The rift allows with the minimum efforts to replace position of a body lying and sitting.

In the following exercise we will rise not from a bed, and from a floor . In my opinion, this fine exercise for training in the correct movement in general. It allows to feel how the body in in a complex slozhnokoordinirovanny movement works. Only it is necessary to carry out it slowly, without trying to make too slowly, but also without hurrying. Let everything will be natural and will give you pleasure.

At first we lay down. At development exercise is carried out elementwise then as one difficult movement. We fall by the right knee (however, it is possible to begin with any). We put on a floor the right palm, then left. Leaning on palms, we fall by the second knee and we appear on all fours. We turn a basin, laying down on a floor a hip (for example, right). We continue the movement, laying down on the right side. We are smoothly rolled on a back.

We rise through the left side, continuing the movement. We bend legs in knees and we incline knees to the left. Basin itself turns after knees. We turn all over, being rolled on the left side and a shoulder; we are rolled on a breast. Palms appear under a trunk. The bent knees will prevent to turn over therefore in the course of turn on a breast are unbent. We give a basin back, sitting down on knees. Only the basin - a trunk remains inclined, palms on a floor, the head is hung between hands. We lead buttocks to heels, we transfer body weight back, smoothly we sit down on knees, softly becoming straight. Displacing body weight forward, we rise by knees. We get up on one knee, we rise to the feet.

This way does not demand efforts and does not bring pain.

Of course, it is only the general scheme. Nuances, in - the first, you will understand if you begin to listen to feelings. And in - the second, all people different. It is convenient to one to be tightened so, to another to be extended so. The main thing - to remember that it is not artificial exercises, but natural ways to perform daily operations. Their repeated repetition will help a body to understand how it is rational to move, without efforts and pain. And of course, the same movements can become excellent exercise for self-understanding.