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How it is correct to make the household movements? To sit down, to rise...

Ability are correct to move is given us by nature. It is given to all living beings, but only the person with his artificial habitat can this ability lose. Result - the collecting fatigue, chronic pains, awkwardness, narrowing of a range of movements.

And we so lose natural grace what it becomes simply inconvenient to move harmoniously to us. And here we get up by force, we sit down, falling on the fifth point, we lift weights, breaking a waist … However, the exacerbation of radiculitis forces us to move osmyslenny more correctly (in this case it is validated by decrease in pain). But for a while. Once pain recedes, and we come back to a habitual line of action.

There are some criteria of the correct movement. It is carried out with the minimum efforts; does not load a backbone (especially in cervical and lumbar departments); usually the movements not linear, and a little rounded, with use of inertia, twisting and turns.

The correct movement is possible under two main conditions :

- lack of the constraining tension;
- the correct, harmonious inclusion of a body in the movement.

How it is correct to sit down?

First of all not to flop all weight on a chair. To sit on - European in general it is considered not useful, it loads a waist, spoils a bearing. The wrong rising - lowering aggravates harm. When we sit down, the head bends forward when we get up - back. And the head not such easy, cervical vertebras experience strain considerable, besides loading this not quite natural. Everything begins with a bearing. Not casually in slozhnokoordinirovanny motive practicians so much attention is paid to a bearing. The correct posture allows to keep balance at the movement, it is easy and to move without tension, without harm for an organism to make big efforts.

One of exercises for development of a correct posture is carried out at a wall. We become to it a back, nestling heels, a basin, shovels and a nape. We cost some time, remembering this situation muscles. We depart from a wall and we try to keep a correct posture, as much as possible.

It is possible to build a bearing by position of the head. Present and feel that the thread tightening the head up is attached to the top - the head “is as if suspended“ for a cinciput. The backbone at the same time is slightly extended. If muscles are relaxed, shoulders fall. We also keep this “suspended“ position of the head almost constantly. When we sit down, the invisible thread “supports“ us, without allowing to fall and when we get up, it “brings up“ us up, facilitating rise. At the same time “suspension“ does not allow the head “to peck“ forward (when landing) and to lean back back (at a rising). And these small movements of the head loading cervical department of a backbone are not harmless.

So: it is necessary to sit down smoothly, with an equal vertical back. If necessary we lean hands against chair armrests though ideally we have to sit down quietly without it. But that ideally from which all of us are far.

One of criteria of correctness of “landing“ - an opportunity at any time to interrupt the movement. That is we is constant, throughout all movement, we keep over it control. Even at the time of a seat contact with buttocks control should not be lost.

We will get up, also keeping a back of a straight line and “bringing up“ itself for the top. do not try to get up from chair depth. Move forward on edge, give body weight on legs. When we sit directly, our shins and the case are vertical, as well as in a standing position. A difference only in position of hips and that the main part of weight leans on buttocks. Rise, using force of legs, at the same time “extending“ itself for the imagined thread “attached“ to the top. The head conducts the movement, all body follows it.

The important indicator of correctness of a bearing - the provision of feet which have to be parallel and turned by socks forward. Feet under coxofemoral joints are located. At such situation we can sit down, rise, go with the minimum efforts, optimum involving muscles of legs and a basin.

It is often possible to see the feet which are constantly developed outside (“Charlie Chaplin`s gait“). Usually such situation is connected with the chronic tension of muscles of a basin, in particular buttocks. Hips are developed outside, the basin is pushed forward, in the lower part of a waist there is tension. The lower body gains peculiar “looseness“ whereas in normal situation she reminds a spring, collected, ready to work. It is possible to sit down and rise at the expense of force of legs and with the developed feet. But it will demand or turn of feet in normal situation, or will not allow to use normally razgibatel of a hip. It is easy to feel a difference, having tried to plant - to rise in both provisions of legs.

And time we began to sit down and rise, we will talk about heavy lifting . Let`s lift from a floor. As we usually speak: “to bend and lift“. Already there is a mistake. The inclination breaks strong structure of a body, loads lumbar department. It is necessary to lift big weight back muscles, still increasing load of a backbone. Much more a safe and practical way - to sit down with a direct back and to lift freight by effort of legs. At the same time the further from yourself you hold freight, the more efforts should be made. So sit down as it is possible closer to freight (best of all to press it to itself) and with a direct back rise. The head, as usual, “is tightened“ for a cinciput. It not only will facilitate rise - the main thing, it will help to keep vertical position of a back.

We should sit down not only for a weight raising. You never know why it is necessary to reach a floor? And every time it is necessary to squat, but not to bend , it has to become a habit. If it is heavy to squat (and it happens really hardly for those who did not get used to it!) it is possible to fall by one knee. Thus we easily reach a floor, without loading a waist at all.

By the way, people with an attack of pains in a waist quickly learn to sit down. And as, it where fiziologichny also does not load lumbar department! But as soon as pain will pass, we come back to habitual inclinations.

Be continued.