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Farewell Latvia, Hi Brighton Scourge!

Forgive Latvia, Hi Brighton the Scourge!
Here also came that time like which praised and rejoiced. Brighton the Scourge in America.
Connection several Russian-speaking nationalities in the States. As it is cool as abruptly, our
in the USA. Okho as it is delightful, We everywhere and even there.
and after so many bloodlettings Russian-speaking and in Latvia came Now such time.
Needed only to choose the area in Riga or the city in Latvia and will connect to Russian-speaking families, the
organizations and the people. We became the Russian community which has no rights as the state Russian detsadik, schools.
We, this Russian population of Latvia, now a usual small group of people in others, other country. Nikago`s
from above will not concern and does not concern that that Russian person that allegedly here his Homeland thinks.
On serious, from above people will also not concern that here relatives are buried.
Is their country and their people. You want not Brighton a scourge? You become their people, learning the children and the blood and relationship on other harmony. On the Latvian harmony. That in 20 years, they only staying at home over a cup of tea with you, thought that they are
Russians. And the passport, their daily conversation, all them put, I will become in Latvian. And they will have a communication with the soulmate only in memory. Even with the next country. as Russia - they will see not enough relationship at Russians.
Brighton Scourge. We in Latvia, Ur, Ur and we are not one.
But are how sure from above from the Latvian domination that it is their country.
If they studied history of the European Union better, they would see that the European Union - it is simple
the state over all states. Which takes root and has practically any power of
over any people who allegedly elected them. Mafia in a word. Very large group.
is known to All who governs on many to the income from any state, that governs also to the states.
But ours, ah silly now to tell “ours“. Not ours, but where we live. And ruling people, did not consider this most important. I think that debts to live, it usually and so there live many countries. But after all, there is a measure and even to debts. It is very ridiculous to
to look at the predominating Latvian people and to see how they in newspapers and television write and say that They made something for the country. Very ridiculously.
Lend me 100 000 euros and in a month I will tell, I made something for the family. And actually, as ordinary debtor and advocate and parasite. which in debts. And the predominating people do not see that they made nothing by own efforts at all. About dengyam which you did not earn can tell everyone, I made.
But they started up all in eyes not just dust, and huge lie that they made, and at the same time left in debts, all people and their children. I will add on to the debts, even those people from which almost took away all rights.
It just as I, will take 100 000 euros now, I will tell that I made something for a family, and at the same time, then all the debts for 100 000 euros, I will rewrite on all family. How it is pleasant to you?
Well and what now you will tell, they made? What now you will tell that they were praised by the affairs in newspapers and
television? So who made? Unless they made, only that they fought in the office buildings for money? Or we made it, the fact that on our money everything becomes. So to whom glory? To whom praise?
and already gives to All people of Latvia who diligently pay taxes who these taxes will repay debts.
So to whom gratitude? To the predominating people who sold out parts almost and Latvia gathered on credit later and allegedly they made or to people who honestly work all these years and did not destroy the wood?
But part of all this population to which the gratitude by right is due, they trampled legs.
Now we which appeared as to Brighton a scourge, only in Latvia. will not have state law to that, choba to grow up those worthy people to whom we gave birth, from our blood, on a hump we drag these
predominating. Give
, read further their newspaper and glorify and you praise further, those who made nothing.
To me someone from them will come and will ask what I made for Latvia or the country.
Ya skazhu:ya cleaned streets for the people and paid taxes on your salary, and you what made? Gathered on credit,
promised that you will give, but knew what you will not give, having driven all people into debts and at the same time you say that you made something? Whether it is ridiculous?
Hi Brighton Scourge, farewell Latvia.