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How to put off the life?

One person sat in a waiting room of the station and waited for the train. It was not the simple train, it was the train of his happiness which had to take away it far, to the country of serenity and pleasure, tranquility and harmony, love and acceptance.

In a waiting room there were inconvenient benches, but the person was ready to suffer inconveniences for the sake of future happiness. The neighbourhood with some passengers delivered the mass of concern, but the person could not leave a waiting room, he was afraid to pass the announcement of arrival of “its“ train. And what is “inconvenient“ neighbors, in comparison with new life which it at last will begin to live. Air in the hall was stuffy and stale, but the person hoped that any minute will declare landing to the train, and then he will precisely inhale fresh, clean air.

There were many trains, but any of them did not suit the person. One went too quickly, another too slowly, the third was very expensive, the fourth was only with couchette cars, the fifth too noisy, the sixth stood on the platform only two minutes, the seventh stood too long. Already all neighbors in a waiting room parted, new passengers came to their place, and the person waited for everything and waited.

Over time his eyes lost former vigilance, and it became difficult for it to distinguish numbers of the arriving trains. The hearing already too sometimes brought. Instead of “The train arrived to the third way of the second platform“, to it was heard “The most right moment now that to change everything“. The grown decrepit muscles hardly obeyed when the person got up to look at lucky who went by the next train. Compassionate workers of the station fed up the old man who spent more than half a century on a bench in a station waiting room, expecting the train of the happiness. The train which did not arrive.

It is very easy to appear in “waiting room“. It is enough to tell that:

- I still too … (it is young, old, inexperienced, skilled, silly, he is clever etc.);
- here when..., then... (bright future will come with all that it implies);
- now is a lot of … (works, cares, extra kilos, problems, etc.);
- now is not enough... (money, time, opportunities etc.);
- if at me was... (other childhood, parents, education, the country, is a lot of money etc.)... (bright future would come with all that it implies);
- I try, but …;
- I already tried (most likely, already 100 times), but...;
- I am not ready yet...;
- I will begin on Monday (tomorrow, on holiday, on pension, next year etc.) .

But in “waiting room“ you are waited by several pleasant bonuses:

- absence of responsibility for the life and the future, and is more right - this responsibility to throw off an opportunity;
- absence of fear and risk, complete control and predictability of life;
- is a lot of understanding and attention from those who sit in this hall together with you.

But there are also side effects:

- monotony of life, boredom, routine fatigue, irritability;
- feeling of absence of meaning of life;
- rage, offense on those who managed to leave;
- diseases oporno - the motive device (to sit long on a bottom it is harmful), is warm - vascular system (absence of stresses perniciously affects brain vessels, and absence of love negatively influences heart), a stomach (the food in a waiting room is monotonous);
- lack of the future at refusal of the present.

What is chosen by you? It is habitual to sit in “waiting room“ or to risk to get on the train? To try, despite everything, by 101 times or to postpone this attempt until more right moment? To risk, despite the small number of experience, knowledge, time, or to wait when you become rather grown wise experience and knowledge?

The choice for you!