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Water and... slim figure? What water diet of

O only diets we heard: individual, short-term, low-carbohydrate, medical - you are just lost from this uncountable list. And it is necessary to choose that which will suit you from all variety not only the result, but also those restrictions which assumes.

Often the women seeking to grow thin just do not have time and means to get products and to prepare dishes which are demanded by a diet. And what, now absolutely to forget about a slim figure? No! An exit is, and it is a water diet!

Water - the most ancient source of all live on the earth. She transfers nutrients and minerals, thereby participating in exchange processes in an organism. Possesses protective function - clears an organism of harmful substances. For this reason it is possible to speak about undoubted advantage of a water diet.

And the secret is that the person only learns to distinguish feeling of hunger from thirst. When he drinks before food a certain amount of water, desire to eat decreases, fades into the background or even absolutely disappears. However it is necessary to remember that water has to be obligatory pure, and other drinks, such as juice, tea, a fruit drink, it is impossible to use.

The mode of a water diet is simple: since morning on an empty stomach it is necessary to drink a glass of water, and only half an hour later it is possible to have breakfast. Huge plus is that you can not refuse and eat in anything to yourself what you love within limits. And when you will feel hunger, just before food drink water. Do not forget and to drink a glass of water before going to bed.

Having decided to go on a water diet, it is necessary to remember several councils and of rules :

1. The used water has to be room temperature. Cold water will provide only a boomerang effect - it will slow down exchange processes, and weight will increase.

2. As it was already told earlier, it is impossible to drink tea, coffee, wine, beer, sparkling water instead of water. These drinks - enemies of a water diet. They can lead to dehydration because speed up work of a bladder.

3. And here during meal it is necessary to refrain from water, especially together with flour products. It also leads to a set of undesirable weight.

4. At a water diet load of kidneys and an urinary system therefore it is recommended to take after three-week observance of the mode a break on same and more than a term is raised and to remember that at problems with health any diets, except appointed the doctor are contraindicated.

5. At the big use of liquid useful substances also are removed from an organism. That to avoid it, it is necessary to accept mineralno - vitamin complexes with the content of calcium and sodium. Especially people weighing less than 60 kg should remember it.

6. Experts advise to go on a water diet in the summer because at this particular time years become more active sweat glands, a quantity of liquid leaves together with then, and load of a bladder decreases.

Such diet not only will help to lose weight, but together with it will improve the general health, a condition of skin and work of internals. There will be a cheerfulness, ease and excellent mood.

But to you it is worth to remember: before going on any diet, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.