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Where to go for May holidays?

the Question where to have a rest in May, arise at everyone with the first breath of spring. Rest during May holidays already traditionally is considered an additive to the main holiday, and many with pleasure this opportunity use.

I conducted among the readers survey on the subject “The Most Interesting Capital of Europe“ for May rest - and received the following results.

The leader of poll - a trip to Prague. Amsterdam was the following city with the minimum lag on number of votes. All other capitals far behind. Even, to my astonishment, such “monsters“ of tourism as Paris, London and Rome.

Well, let`s begin preparation of our trip to Prague. Namely - as it is more convenient to reach there. Pervo - napervo we will be defined how we are going to go: through travel agency or independently.

How much is round to the Czech Republic in travel agency? It in a certain measure depends on the city, where do you live. Or rather, from its distance to Prague and, respectively, from flight cost. For example, rounds to Prague from Kiev are, as a rule, cheaper, than rounds to the Czech Republic from Moscow.

The prices of rounds to Prague differ in each travel agency. I specially reconsidered on the Internet of the offer of a number of travel agencies on trips to Prague. Did not find concrete figure of cost of a week trip anywhere.

All it is flowed round provide the magic phrase “the price from 350, from 400 euros …“ - and there think that they wants. To receive more - less concrete information, it is necessary to call up or go to the nearest agency and to communicate with the manager personally.

Usually round includes flight, accommodation of 5 nights in 3 - 4 - stars hotel and a set of excursions, standard for Prague: a sightseeing tour, excursions for choice to Karlovy Vary, Plzen. Also bus excursions to Dresden and Vienna are possible.

But we “with moustaches“: let`s try to determine the cost of an independent trip, to compare it to offers of travel agencies and to draw the conclusions.

We take still into consideration and we go further. As the Czech Republic is included into the Schengen community, the visa is necessary. I more than once wrote that the receipt of a visa independently is not a problem of the first size.

But besides without fanaticism - if in your city there is no relevant consulate or not need to be present personally at consular department at obtaining such visa (as, for example, at receipt of a visa to Great Britain or the USA), then safely trust receipt of a visa to travel agency or specialized firm.

Your trip to the next city with consular department behind independent receipt of a visa can become more expensive action - both on money, and on time.

Consular departments of Embassy of the Czech Republic in Russia are in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Yekaterinburg, Rostov, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Samara and Nizhny Novgorod. In Ukraine it is Kiev and Lviv. The consular fee for issue of visa makes 35 euros.

Now - how to reach Prague. The cheapest option - bus or train. But the bus makes sense, only if you live relatively near border. For example, in Lviv, Kiev, etc. In this case round to Prague is justified by motor transport. But here from Moscow by bus is, in my opinion, already from area of an extreme.

The train will turn out not much cheaper, than by plane, but losses of time are incommensurable. I remember how Kiev - Prague toiled more than a day in the train during the first trip to Czechoslovakia.

Therefore further we exclude these ways of movement, we consider only air flight. The price of air tickets is included into the total price of a tourist`s package. The cost of flight by linear air carrier, for example, Aeroflot, to Prague and back makes about $670 of Moscow. The Czech airlines is even more expensive.

It is possible to try with change, for example in Minsk. In this case the price will be about $480. Even cheaper through Kiev with the Ukrainian Aerosvit company - $372. However there is an inconvenience with joining of flights. It is necessary to expect in Kiev flight to Prague till next morning. From Kiev to Prague the air ticket about the Aerosvit costs $463. The Czech airlines will bring you from Kiev to Prague for $730. Air France, with change in Paris - $320.

With change, as you can see, it turns out cheaper. But travel agencies on this direction offer usually only direct flights (charters, as a rule, fly only to peak of a tourist season). Therefore you watch that it is more favorable to you - to agree to a full tourist`s package of flight or to isolate it from a total cost and to reserve flight independently.

Besides I do not stop on concrete algorithm of selection of the cheapest flights. Nevertheless, I want to emphasize once again that the cost of air tickets can change almost every day and very much depends on that, how beforehand you reserve the air ticket.

If you chose independent acquisition of air tickets, then at once I will tell how to reach from the airport of Prague the city.

Flights arrive to the Prague airport to Ruzina. From it it is possible to reach by public transport of minutes for 40 the center of Prague (about 17 km). You should get on a bus No. 119 or 254, to reach to Dejvick á metro station; and there to sit down on the green line (line A). The trip cost as far as I remember, about 25 kroner (1 US dollar = 19 kroner).

The taxi stand is directly about the hall of an arrival. Trip time to the downtown of 20-25 minutes, and the price something about 400-500 kroner.

Thus, we more - decided on road cost less. As for expenses on residence in Prague, and also what there to look at and where to be engaged in shopping - in it in my following articles on this subject.