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How to dispose of a maternity capital? Our experience - a mortgage of shared-equity construction (part 2) of

Further I come back to a pension fund again - to write the application for the order means MOSCOW TIME.

What for this purpose is necessary:
- Maternal certificate (original and copy).
- The Passport (original + copy) and copy of the passport of the husband (copy of pages: the first, with a registration - all addresses, marital status and children. If the certificate is issued not on this passport, then data on the previous passport are necessary).
- The Insurance evidence of mandatory pension insurance of the person who received the certificate (the original and the copy).
- Marriage certficate (original and copy).
- The Credit agreement with bank (the original and the copy).
- The Certificate of the debt rest sizes from bank (original).
- The Registered contract of shared-equity construction (the original and the copy).
- Notarially - the certified obligation about allocation of a share to children in the bought premises.

The last document at us was not, for it it was necessary to address the notary. The document quickly in the presence of both parents is processed. Passports and, in our case, 540 rubles are necessary. With this obligation not everything passed smoothly, in initial edition the notary passed two moments. In - the first, in the contract - a dolevka the term “construction address“ since the house is not leased yet was used. And at the notary the word “construction“ was absent. In - the second, in a pension fund demanded to change the phrase: “We undertake to issue housing … within 6 months after signing of the transfer act of transfer of object of shared-equity construction to us“ on the phrase “We undertake to issue housing … within 6 months after removal of encumbrance from premises“.

Having armed with the corrected documents, I came to RPF again. On some websites, for example, www. matkap. ru (only not on the website of a pension fund, strangely enough) can find the application form on the order means of a maternity capital. If you do not want to fill in this document in turmoil in a corridor of RPF - download, unpack and fill in columns of which are sure. It is possible to sign some disputed issues and in office with the expert, but you will spend for it much less time, and you will have less chances to make annoying mistakes.

After delivery of documents, the RPF will issue you the voucher of documents for bank.
In a month you recognize the decision on a possibility of the order by phone a maternity capital. In a week will issue you this notice. In most cases the decision will be positive. The negative decision, generally is accepted only from - for incorrectly completed documents.
in a month on your settlement account in creditor bank will arrive money from your certificate. And you will go to registration chamber again - to remove encumbrance. At this moment payment of the state duty is not required any more.

But there is more to come.

When the house will be leased, we will receive the act of acceptance. And to us it will be necessary - to register “brilliant green“ (the certificate on the state registration of the property right) in registration chamber again. At first on, and then already on children. For some reason at once on children it is impossible to issue a dolevka. The state duty at registration of brilliant green is obligatory.

Anyway, our experience proves that it is possible to spend a maternity capital! And all difficulties which at the same time arise - are surmountable!