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Thoughts of smoking: it is necessary to me? To Smoke

in a high. Ah, what pleasure you derive, dragging on in the morning or after a nourishing lunch! However, it is not really pleasant to smoke one behind one, drinking in the company. Badly becomes also after several cigarettes smoked in concern.

And mind you understand that is harmful that you will die earlier (Churchill is not counted), diseases develop, grow bald, are wrinkled … And still you are repaid: it does not concern me, I special, will throw soon - others smoke all life, and cheerfully (Churchill, for example).

Whether it is possible to overcome the weakness (weakness!) to behave with it it is also rigid and uncompromising, how with the people who offended me - darling, hurt me, unpleasantly, let and deservedly?

Probably, it is possible. Even most likely it is possible. And it is necessary! But how? What arguments to give to weak will what thoughts to generate? Social advertizing helps, but the little. Here began to let out packs of cigarettes with the warning inscriptions. Two was ashamed of week, and then got used (non-smoking too). Most likely, the same effect will be also from scary pictures. However, on beginners to smoke such ostrastka, maybe, and will work, look - and the smoker with an experience will reflect. And if is not present?

If the desire to stick with tobacco does not appear or it will not be drummed, then hardly that will turn out! Sometimes it happens that the second half (wife / husband), the child`s birth, the beginning of cohabitation with the strong-willed relatives who are not taking out a tobacco smoke become the reason. In such cases it is necessary to run to smoke on the street, to try not to breathe once again at the person, to hide yellowish fingers. As the result - an addiction is forced out by another, stronger, laziness. And here it is necessary to help an organism only slightly: to make effort for about two weeks.

And still when setting with smoking own desire is paramount! Think what is created inside - in an organism - at 7000-8000 cigarettes smoked in a year. Think how you will cough, dokhat in 50-60 years (can, and in 40). Think what loss strong, the nature of this health happens for what pleasure it is spent. Look at the cigarette filter in a twenty-degree frost how many it leaves mucks. How many enters you. Whether it is better to go on life and to breathe it is free, free; not to hear what from you bears as ottabachny factory; to feel undistorted taste of food as the language receptors which are not clogged with tobacco.

It is easy to leave off smoking. Even it is very easy! You understand it one or two months later, but here the first 2 - 3 weeks are heavy. Custom is second nature! Eyes and fingers rummage, look for cigarettes, a lighter, an ashtray. You stand on a stop, nearby someone lit, with pleasure dragged on - and too an intolerable wish arose. However there will pass literally one minute, and the desire will disappear, on the contrary - the smoke, a smell will become unpleasant. The main thing, this minute not to shoot a sigarette, not to go to a stall. Rejection of a tobacco smoke a time later is felt very strongly, visit thoughts: as my “chicken meat“ was suffered by the family!

The difficult moment arises in 4 - 6 months. You get to the cheerful company (situations can be different), someone smokes, the thought appears too to drag on, will think - one sigarette... A human brain - interesting piece: he estimates difficult and unpleasant actions as very long, and easy and joyful as fleeting. And here one cigarette, next day one more - two is smoked, then the pack is bought. As a result you look back at time which passed from a party, and you are surprised: month flew by, and you smoke everything. Whether you so threw? Or just granted to an organism short leave?

Leaving off smoking - throw! Excellent appeal and, by the way, evidence-based. Not so long ago scientists proved that the organism can self-clean, get rid of the poisons which collected as a result of smoking. However, for this purpose it needs time - 2-3 years and more.

There is a feature: during this period it is impossible to play about even several inhalings...