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How to dispose of a maternity capital? Our experience - a mortgage of shared-equity construction

So as all of us know, since January 1, 2007 for the birth of the second (the third etc.) the child his mother (father) can receive the maternity (family) capital. In 2012 the size of the certificate makes 387 640 rubles 30 kopeks. The capital can be spent:

- on improvement of living conditions;
- on education of children;
- on payment of kindergarten;
- on formation of pension of mother.

You can spend a maternity capital not earlier than in three years after the birth (or adoptions) the child who granted to you the right for a maternity capital. A pleasant exception in this rule is an opportunity to use MOSCOW TIME till the day before yesterday birth of the child for repayment of a mortgage or other credit for improvement of living conditions. And it is unimportant, you took a mortgage to or after obtaining the certificate.

So if you have a right to a maternity capital - receive it!

As it becomes?

1. You receive the birth certificate of the second (the third etc.) child.
2. You learn where there is your territorial office of Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.
3. You come to business hours with the passport and birth certificates of all children. If there is no opportunity to arrive to office independently, you can send documents by mail or transmit them through the authorized representative.
4. In the Pension fund you will write the application for receiving a maternity capital.

Approximately in one month you will be invited behind obtaining this document.

When the certificate is received, they can dispose.

If you decided to spend MOSCOW TIME for payment of a mortgage and not to wait for occurrence of age of three years by the child, I will share the experience.

The most difficult for mother in the decree is a need to provide the reference 2 - the personal income tax, that is to have documentary confirmation of the income. We were going to take a mortgage only for the capital sum, but even at the same time the certificate of a salary was obligatory. To find suitable bank it appeared hardly.

In - the first, not all banks are ready to give a mortgage for the capital sum, at many the minimum sum of a mortgage - from 500 000 rubles. In - the second, many banks agreed to confirmation of the income of the spouse, but how to be if not all income is carried out through accounts department?

And we looked for options. And here we found ideal conditions for us in one bank.

1. A mortgage only for the sum of a maternity capital.
2. Official confirmation of the income of a family is not required.
3. We were going to issue a mortgage of shared-equity construction, and for this type of crediting accreditation of the company - the builder in this bank was not obligatory. At the same time the builder gave the chance to buy housing in a mortgage.
4. Additional expenses on insurance and an assessment of object are not necessary.

I specified in bank the list of the documents necessary for receiving the credit . Here it:

- passports of spouses + photocopies of all pages;
- the copy of the certificate on marriage registration;
- copies of birth certificates of children;
- the copy of the maternal certificate;
- the reference from the Pension fund of balance MOSCOW TIME on the personal financial account.

From this list I lacked only the reference from fund.

In order that issued you the reference, take with yourself the passport and the evidence of pension insurance; perhaps, the original of the certificate and its copy will be required. If you moved to other city, then to that city where the certificate was received, the letter with a request will be sent to specify the rest sum. At once request all business from other city, the application to which the copy of the passport, the evidence of pension insurance and the certificate is enclosed for this purpose is necessary.

My further actions were such:

1. I went to bank and wrote the application with a request to grant the loan. And the application form could be downloaded and filled on the website. Initially the mortgage is given to the wife and the husband, the wife acts as the main borrower, the husband - a sozayemshchik.

2. Wrote the application to the builder about an opportunity to sell us the apartment. The builder signed the application.

3. Approximately in a week the bank considered the application, having made the positive decision about granting the credit. We issued the contract of shared-equity construction between three parties: buyers - the builder - bank.

4. After signing of the contract we paid the second part of cost of the apartment with hard cash.

5. (I.e. the mortgage sum = the sum MOSCOW TIME) from the builder we signed with the certificate of the debt rest in bank the credit agreement. Our expenses at this stage made 12 000 (the commission of bank) + 33 000 rubles (payment of the credit for half a year at the rate of 18% per annum at once). We compensated part of cost of payment of percent when the pension fund transferred money according to our credit agreement in two months. Thus, about 20 000 rubles returned to us back. And the general cost of registration of a mortgage made 25 000 rubles.

6. The longest stage on time - registration of the contract of shared-equity construction in Registration chamber. The sum of expenses - 200 rubles on payment of the state duty. And these 200 rubles share for three (we with the husband + the builder), 134 rubles in Sberbank as a result are really paid.

7. In registration chamber taking into account long turn we vegetated about four hours. But all - the contract was registered. If you have an opportunity to register in inclusion in chamber in advance - register, time you will save much. Documents which were necessary for us: our passports, the contract - a dolevka, the credit agreement, the receipt on payment of the state duty.

8. In five days the dolevka was officially registered. And we waited in small line in registration chamber again - taught our copy.

9. Now came it is time to descend in bank again - to show a stamp about official registration. Only after the state registration of the contract - a dolevka the bank will transfer funds into the account of the builder. Then in bank will issue you the certificate of the debt rest sizes for RPF.

Continuation in the second part.