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How it is possible to spend three days of spring vacation in Moscow? A look of the provincial

spring vacation Begins, and you made the epoch-making decision that it is time for your child to get acquainted with the capital of our Homeland. Spring vacation small - they will be enough exactly for a trip there - back (well if you, of course not from Vladivostok) and there will be about three days on “conquest“ of the capital.

So, you have three days and the child of school age. Moscow is such big … By the way, if you think that Muscovites know it, then you are mistaken. They except the branch of the subway do not know anything!

There is a wish to show to the child very much! And in Moscow is what to look at. But we have only three days! Therefore it is necessary to be defined at once that it is better to choose.

I warn at once: your school student a visit of the Bolshoi Theatre and the Tretyakov gallery will hardly be interested. Therefore leave these thoughts alone.

If you came to see the capital moreover for the first time, then

it is traditional to b to begin not a sin in the first day: from the Kremlin and Red Square. Excursions to the Moscow Kremlin is a visit of Armory, Diamond fund, Uspensky, Blagoveshchensk and Arkhangelsk Cathedrals, acquaintance to the well-known works of foundry art - the Tsar - a gun and the Tsar - a bell.

It is possible, of course, also on sightseeing bus tour across Moscow to go, but it can be already search. You remember, the child cannot perceive a lot of information therefore it is impossible to arrange in one day on 3 - 4 - 5 excursions.

Descended to the Kremlin? Remarkably. Now it is necessary to have a rest. I would advise to descend in Durov`s corner. If circuses in some cities still are, then Durov`s corner is precisely unique. There representation, touching by the naivety, with mice. Only there you will be able to see the real train with mice as passengers. Many Muscovites will object me: it supposedly entertainment for a malyshna, will not be interesting to school students there. It is checked on experience, my sons were 11 and 12 years old, and it was remembered by it more, than many other things.

Second day . I would choose something on interests of your child. The matter is that in Moscow in days of spring vacation the mass of interesting exhibitions and actions is held. It is necessary to find the only. For example, if the child likes natural sciences, botany, generally - the nature, it is possible to descend in the State Darwin museum. In usual days in this huge 3 - the floor building it is possible to see evolution history, there are show-windows with effigies, skeletons, models, sinks, moving models of dinosaurs. On big screens show 5 - minute movies about the nature, and special installations sing by voices of birds. And still various specialized actions are added to vacation to it: video sessions, interactive occupations.

If your child is interested in history, it is possible to descend in the State Historical Museum. Here in 48 halls of the museum 4,5 million exhibits are presented: archeology monuments, collection of manuscripts, old printing books, numismatical collection, products of glass and all ceramic productions, collection of national clothes of all regions of Russia, meeting of the Russian farmstead furniture, collection of the Russian and European military and hunting weapon.

If you have a girl who cannot live without dolls, it is possible to descend in Anastasia Chizhova`s Gallery (the truth, is necessary preliminary record there) or in Belyaevo`s gallery where till March 29 the Doll - the Actor exhibition works.

It will be interesting to boys to visit the Genius Da Vinci exhibition in an art - the Vetoshny center where various mechanisms invented by this genius are presented. At an exhibition his ideas of a glider, a parachute, the predecessor of the modern helicopter, the bicycle, a prototype of the modern tank, the car, the submarine, the bearing and a tooth gearing and a number of other surprising creations which much outstripped the time are embodied. In total at an exhibition it is possible to see about 65 mechanisms, the majority of which is made full-scale.

And if suddenly your child possesses quality, very rare for modern children, - love to books, then across all Moscow in days of spring vacation the mass of the events devoted to “Week of the children`s book“ is held. In State Museum of A.S. Pushkin, in House of Books on the Arbat and in a set of the children`s centers and libraries there take place actions where you will be is simply happy to be seen.

I hope that the second day in Moscow will be informative for your child.

And in third , final day, it is possible to relax and have a rest, communicate to the nature. Descend in Moscow Zoo! And if you are in time, then can even participate in the game “Pathfinder`s Track“ which in days of spring vacation will be daily carried out the beginning in 14. 00. But even if you will not be in time on game, in Moscow Zoo it is possible and to spend the whole day so not dull: to visit the house of birds, the house of monkeys, a terrarium, an exposition “The night world“, to descend in an elephant house and a dolphinarium (if carries, it is possible and on representation with dolphins to get). Attention: planning a trip to a zoo, consider that it does not work on Mondays!

There now also short Moscow vacation ended. Of course, in Moscow there is a lot of all interesting, but for the first acquaintance of it quite will be enough. And further it will be possible to arrive for longer time and to look still at something interesting. Just planning rest in Moscow, be not too lazy to glance in the Internet. Then your vacation will take place with bigger advantage, and the child will remember them as about one of the best children`s adventures for a long time.