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Hugh Jackman and “Live steel“. How to fill a muzzle others hands?

what progress reached? Physical work did not disappear. Just stick, I`m sorry, vlamyvat robots, but not the person. This postulate does not seem to those who already managed to get acquainted with the last the movie of the director Sean Levi “Live steel“ for today fantastic.

The near future of mankind once again appears at us in the form of tireless “Skolkovo“. Only instead of gloomy technogenic crisis of “Terminator“ or an apocalypse of “Matrix“ Levi offers us more “optimistic“ prospect. The passion to shows and thirst for violence were realized in the invention of essentially new entertainment - roboboxing. Now rivals can freely cripple the friend to the friend on a ring, tear off extremities and spray lubricating oil on the audience squealing from delight. As they say, on shooting any living being did not suffer.

… Charlie Kenton is the loser with an experience. And all - that at it former. Sports career, the wife and even robots - fighters which Charlie buys up on cheap stuff patches and lets out on underground fights, in hope to cut down a little money. Á / at a piece of iron, as a rule, disperse on the spare part in the first round, and a grief - the manager nykatsya from creditors and looks for any opportunity to borrow money without return.

Having learned about death of the spouse, Charlie, in a manner peculiar to it, decides to use this mournful message for advantage of business. Having competently held negotiations, he exercises the fatherly rights on 11 - the summer son Max, but for the sake of appearance not to afflict with the commercialism the native aunt - the trustee, tidies up the boy for the summer. The boy appeared with character, but fatherly road lifestyle imposes it. Together they travel about across America of the near future and are rummaged on dumps in search of spare parts for the next robot.

During one such night sortie Max finds in a lot of garbage of the old android. A piece of iron by nickname Atom - actually even not the fighter, and a sparring - the partner, a pear for the real roboboxers. But the boy lit up idea and by means of a file and the abusive word brought this bucket with bolts into a look, appropriate to fight. Newly made relatives manage to win several fights then they are invited to participate in the main tournament of the country. Good chance to show teeth to venerable champions and at the same time to improve the family relations …

to understand from where legs grow, we will address a filmography of the director of a tape Sean Levi. The first success to the Canadian was knocked at a door in 2003 - m, together with a premiere of the perky comedy “Newlyweds“. Then there was a half-and-half remake of “A pink panther“ and, at last, a big heap of dollars thanks to the family sentimental picture “Night in the Museum“. And here - that Levi also had an excellent template which it continues to have still: the touching loser household heroism opens of himself the way to respect and love of relatives. On the same tracing-paper of Levi removed “Live steel“.

From far away, that is at a trailer stage, the tape seemed the promising blockbuster and future subversive of “Transformers“. In actual fact it became clear that, in comparison with a large-scale plan of Michael Bae, “Live steel“ looks like the sickly robot Atom against the champion Zeus. Neither skin, nor ugly face. No false executed emotional anguish of Hugh Jackman, neither dances in Justin Bieber`s style, nor even fist computer fights of androids managed to rescue the project from natural fiasco in hire. And the idea was quite good. But smoothly died, executed by curve hands.

Sad the fact that the plot is predictable to the latest caption. The lascivious father and the son through thorns to stars rush towards to mutual understanding. Periodically coming off on fierce disputes on that, a coma to drive the next fight. Young Dakota Goyo, he young Torahs from the movie of the same name, played so-so, but is tolerant, the benefit that fitted into a fashionable trend of already mentioned Bieber. Remains a big secret as producers managed to entice in so pathos - the dribbling project of rather good actor Hugh Jackman. Really the Australian experiences the deprivations similar to difficulties of the character too? At least, when it came to Moscow within an advertizing campaign of “Live steel“, it seemed happy and happy. However, what you will not make for the sake of big money?

Understand me correctly, robots indeed left cool. Powerful, brilliant, rattling. But the next Rocca from Jackman did not turn out. For the athlete who lost chance to win a title he not especially endures something. Respectively, it is impossible to be deeply moved together with it. And happiness tears sliding on cheeks of heroes in a final scene can cause a pleasure attack only in feeble-minded. So affectedly and false it looks.

It was possible to close, of course, eyes to all this sticky excessive sweetness, having concentrated attention on a computer chukalov with which creators of a tape enticed audience in movie theaters. But also here authors frankly made a booboo, having forced public to look at monotonous pokes and uppercuts. Screenwriters, most likely, stole an intrigue of fights from early movies of Van Damme: the good guy all road is mutuzit to a condition of not standing then, in a final round, it finds a second wind and wins a convincing victory a master stroke. For Jean - Claude such plot was top of an artistic triumph, but whether, I`m sorry, costed for the sake of the same purpose to pump several tens millions into a reconstruction of smart robots? Only to show obvious progress in choreography in comparison with medley of “Transformers“?

It was pleasant to youth. The soundtrack is vigorous, modern. Actors are well-groomed, pumped up. Fighters are brilliant. Besides the morals are available also love - carrots. Which - who waited that the lassie Jackman will execute the company dance from the advertizing Lipton, but managed. To compare Levi`s hand-made article to cult boxing pictures, like “Rocca“ or “Alya“, simply blasphemously. Even Americans to which we attribute popkornovy brains eternally refused to take “Live steel“ seriously. Good family cinema with clear moral values - here a verdict of the majority of the western film editions.

Alas, and this psychologically important level in the creativity Sean Levi cannot yet (or does not want) to overcome. From its works far off bears a commercial musty smell and, it was not as if cheerful and fervent is executed, the deposit from the drawn smiles and the squeezeed-out emotions remains unpleasant.