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The doctor, and can in reanimation? Whether it is worth rescuing the problem relations...

“Once upon a time there were old man with the old woman“ - such beginning of history are lost today by relevance. According to 50% of marriages break up, and on other statistics - 50% of marriages remain. What to choose? Earlier such question was simply inappropriate...

It was necessary to lift the country, a virgin soil, the house, children, and therefore how it was heavy, - together, a uniform cell of society, it is amicable - hey, we will fall a cropper!

And now supermarkets are full of food, even the living wage allows to eat quite tolerable fast food and edible chemistry. Why to be together? Why to listen to claims, especially to participate in personal problems of the stranger. All demand something around and want, nobody just like that shares unconditional love... oh, and what the term in general is? There is such phrase - “died so died“. Perhaps it belongs to modern hope for the harmonious interpersonal relations about which all know, but nobody saw and very few people tried?

It is very convenient to have one-time communications according to the passionate arrangement or long romantic correspondence about a web - a chamber on the Internet - full self-realization and any responsibility. Life is short, it is necessary to manage to find and neutralize until you were found and did not do much harm. Besides all these campaigns from - for personal sufferings to psychotherapists, astrologers and fortunetellers very cost much, without speaking about the cost of demulcents, cigarette blocks or alcohol from melancholy and an inexpressible hopelessness.

And as easily now began to leave! So, they wished each other all good, remained friends and for holidays send SMS, and on social networks give each other virtual gifts - ukrashalka to a profile. Well what to do, did not get on together. And it is even better to accuse the so-called partner of all mortal sins and to throw out on him so carefully kept accumulated offenses with words: “Give - for mother, for the father, for the aunt, for the uncle, for the chief, for the neigbour, and for that reptile who pushed around, poured from a pool, ah yes, for a birdie, which on me as soon as

I here she dared …“, that and, long-awaited life from a blank sheet, since the next Monday... here - here will begin. Meanwhile internal offenses and complexes nobody not understood thin sincere organization and remain. With such baggage of people enters the new relations, and everything goes according to the old fulfilled scenario. Conveniently, comfortably and quickly.

It earlier to put all end over “and“, it was necessary to gallop couple of days, having tired out horses, it was necessary to write letters and for months to wait for the answer. Today it is enough to prepare a standard template, for example: “Forgive for everything, I am not that person who is necessary to you, I wish you good luck“. Or so: “Farewell, to call and write it is useless, we such different“, - and one click by mass mailing at the same time.

Love and the colourful self-presentation are perishable goods. Then there come tasteless crises of the first year, three years, seven and - who how many will be able to digest. Problems were, is and will be always. It is difficult to meet the loved one on spirit and perception of the world. But if has the luck, and once there was a miracle, such person not just attracted as object of a sexual discharge, and attracted all heart and soul moreover and to talk is about what, - it is worth fighting for such relations.

When you were tired from each other when the wall of misunderstanding grew in a defensive reinforced concrete complex when all tomatoes and feelings withered when mutual reproaches burn poisonous acid when all forgot where put trust and respect, all this and much similar are usual vital processes.

Even the rotten bog has the active flora and fauna. And time to someone was succeeded to pull out a hippopotamus from a bog, the relations in any rotten stage can be transformed to a useful mold and penicillin. The winter comes, after winter spring, summer, fall - seasons replace each other, and it is possible to find natural delights and beauty in each bad weather if to want.

East wisdom says: crises are only life lessons; the person on our way - the teacher; to endure crises in the relations, it is necessary to remain together.

What half-life period of radiation? Here and with human shortcomings - it is necessary to wait for full disintegration long. Mutually it is possible to coexist as at all deviations from healthy norm are present at different degree.

All of us are infected with egoism, therefore, to leave one low-quality person, hoping to meet is unique pure, - illusion. Whether there is a way to recover? Love - the best checked medicine for all times.

Take each other by hands and you keep. Remain together. Everything passes, everything changes and well and let, to you still is what to tell each other. You do not hurry with parting, protect the relations. Pain, disappointment, doubts, disappointments - whom you will surprise with it? And here to forgive, accept, to go together through the mill - here will be what to remember and tell.

Never, never, never give up, love and be happy!