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Lady perfection and Mr. perfection?! Courageous Gods helped! part 3

we mentioned the heroine of the children`s fairy tale In the first part - “Ideal Mary Poppins“.

And what if the wind of change overtook your life?

Having passed the way to a certain moment you became the ideal lady for Yourself - Lady Sovershenstvo. No matter, there was it to you in 25 years or in 40 years. You - an ideal for! You do not need konfrotation with by itself, you found a source of love, happiness, good in the body. These virtues light your life.
But something is not enough? to Ideally picked up shoes on your legs need his ideally polished boots nearby - your Mr. Sovershenstva.

Whether there is it your Mr. perfection?

Who is he? Your Mr. Sovershenstvo?

He can work as the teacher, the mechanic, the banker, the lawyer and anyone. The profession only reflects mentality, qualities of the personality, an income level, - but it will not reflect soul of the person. On can like to play soccer, to write books, can like to travel, - but it only a hobby, it does not reflect sense of its existence.
A in what sense?
the Only thing that in life makes sense - it is love. This perhaps to liking ours Lady Sovershenstvo. But where to look for it with this sense? Unless there are circles or the organizations with the name “We Here to Love?“ dating sites, the organizations for leisure, matchmakers, - all this commerce, on it earn money, but on it do not create love.
to Create love? Sounds silly at least. To feel, transfer, load, revive, to imprint, - these words suit it. But to create - no! Though. God created the world, created people, created animals, created the nature, and love? Loaded with Lyubov On everything that created. whether
we So can create love if are created just like Bozhiyem?
When you find in yourself this part of God, this love which fills your life, there is a wish to present this part of love to the close favourite Mr. Sovershenstvo.
Though say that the person is born one and one dies. But it is together better than to one (Ekklesiast). And to us the best - We on the way to our Mr. Sovershenstvu suffices.
is unimportant how many you smoke, drink how many you work as you have a good time what thoughts visit you, are important that in heart. Listen to it, it will bring you to that person who will return you himself, smothering which reflection of your own soul.
our Lady Sovershenstvo - as a drink of Bordeaux, it the best of all drinks of wine, opens the most undercover nuances of taste and aroma, it tart, it leaves aftertaste... after which you will not want to taste other wines any more.
How many greedy lips tried it? Trying to get drunk this drink of Gods?
They get drunk this luxury and leave, leaving only tears as wine tears in a glass. And our Lady Sovershenstvo does not believe in love to men any more, but in soul there lives her love and hope to find the Mr. Sovershenstvo.
Is unimportant through what is the time, unimportant in what ways, through how many sufferings and pangs of conscience it will pass, but it will appear, courageous Gods help !
For each Lady - he is the, Mr. Sovershenstvo. On will return it herself. And she will understand that it is not just Bordeaux, it the plain on which grows this grade. .
Will be possible it “Cardinal“ with its good sugar content and rather low acidity. Whimsical, unstable, but good appearance, and it can there will be “Chardonnay“ with the fine bouquet, easy, fresh and very harmonious, and it can “Muscat “ with high productivity, or it will be grown up on a vineyard of “Chablis“ which will force her heart to fight differently, and it will be able to catch something imperceptible for others, but clear only to it - very dry, but not sharp, reminding of stones and minerals, but at the same time of new-mown hay, or it will find it on the plain Bordeaux - for example it “Cremant de Bordeaux“ with game of bubbles in their general waltz of love...?!

I understood one simple truth. It in doing miracles by the hands (Antoine Saint - Ekzyuperi)
Grow up together your grapes, fill it with love, and can on this plain one more unique grade will appear!

P. S. And here ideal shoes from a leg Lady Sovershenstva stand near ideal boots of Mr. Sovershenstva...

With love, your DS