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autumn melancholy of

“And how you struggle with autumn melancholy?“ - I arranged poll to the friends, acquaintances and clients. And what became clear? 30% of all respondents refuse diets and begin to eat more sweet, another 30% give in to melancholy and try simply “to work more“, 20% go on leave and go to the warm countries to prolong summer and only 20% of all respondents begin to play sports, goes to the pool and on massage. What category you treat? I hope to the last 20% because it and is one of the most effective ways in fight against a depression.
On the street is cloudy, in the apartment is cold, so there is a wish to be wrapped up in a blanket and to lie down five more minutes, five more minutes … Similar to your morning? And it is very bad! The more you lie and finish yourself, the longer you give the chance of a depression to enter your life. Get up, turn on the light, jump, work as hands, exercises on a humeral belt will put you in the morning in order. Wash cool water, it intensifies processes in an organism and will help to spill finally. Fruit, cottage cheese, cereals, coffee for breakfast - will load you with energy and will present good mood. And on the street, it is rather on the street. You do not trust? And in vain, exactly on the street your organism, will adapt to winter, make foot walks and you will increase the immunity, do not forget that on air ORZ, than in a minibus or the subway is less risk to ache. So, you woke up and are active, support this state and at work, do breaks for rest, communicate with colleagues, smile. Goodwill helps you to support good mood. Surely you go once a week to the pool, it is enormous support in the period of autumn disorders. Play sports, during occupations enderfina are developed, and you will manage to endure melancholy easier. You do not want to move actively - you go to massage. During a massage session, blood circulation becomes more active, all systems and bodies work, immunity increases, the general state improves, the depression disappears, the nervous system is restored. And once a week can be indulged itself and a wrapping. Vodoroslevy, chocolate, honey, grassy? To choose to you. do not forget
I, the melancholy comes and leaves, the depression is treated, the fall is replaced in the winter, winter, in the spring, and there not far off and summer, and you remain. The main thing is your life and your health and how you care for yourself what you think of, will surely affect your health. Do not give to autumn melancholy uniform chance. Smile.