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How to buy exclusive laces for boots?

“These laces will be on 0. 5 grams to weigh less and for 30 days to serve longer. These laces are 3 centimeters longer than the previous model that allows to tie them as fast as possible on the run and even when landing in the subway car in rush hour. Philip Kirkorov and “the Disco Accident“ could carry these laces, but you will carry them! Watch a video, watch a video!“

Such advertizing messages inducing to buy something unnecessary pursue us now everywhere where it is only possible. Come, for example, into the toilet, and for certain you will see an inscription: “Now is 50 centimeters longer“. It is advertizing on toilet paper.

Or: “Our tablet much prodvinuty, than all previous versions. It had a function of recognition of smells of the owner“.

Why to your tablet to distinguish the owner`s smells - does not speak. It a priori is sharply necessary. From smells the mood, and depends on it working capacity. Both tablet, and owner. If from the owner strikes the reek of alcohol, the tablet right there will offer: “Means for a hangover “Alkonet version 2. 0“. You take two fingers...

Here still: “Our frying pans think of you“. Aha, maniacs - frying pans think. About us. Good advertizing. That they conceived it - is not reported.

Or: “You did not vote yet as it is necessary? Then we go to you“! Tuk - tuk. Open. Powder came with witnesses.

Advertizing now everywhere. On cellular: “The taxi of XXX will take away you to the world of adventures and new opening“. Aha, one way will take away.

We buy new models and right there we throw out old. Earlier the car was bought once and for the rest of life. Now to own car 3 years already bad manners are more senior. Earlier people went in sheepskin short fur coats for 20 years. Now: “New collection. In fashion it is bright again - green with a red shade“.

Advertizing prt from all cracks. The consumer society demands everything the new and new victims. “Pi`s batteries - pi. Saw - buy“! The main thing - without thinking. Saw - climb behind a purse. You will think then, on a fig to you these “Pi - pi“.

Why, interestingly, nobody will think up advertizing on money? It is the most widespread advertizing medium in the world!

Note of 100 rubles. “Proctor and Givi. Spots medicine“.

Note of 5000 rubles. “To the bearer - 10 percent a discount. Tverskaya. From 23 to 6 in the morning“.

Obviously there is not enough advertizing on our cars. It is possible to offer millions of owners a small discount and to place on their iron horses something type: “Insurance upon accidents, earthquakes, tsunami and staff of traffic police“.

In principle, each person can be an advertizing medium. Advertizing can be placed on a back, on a breast, on hips and even on a forehead. Is still where to clear up to the trading companies, advertisers and marketing specialists. Not still vital space is captured by them.

Generally, buy new, exclusive laces from boots. Or wait. Soon in the market the new model will appear. 3 cm more long. 30 percent more exclusively.

And in the toilet you can see a new inscription: “Now is 20% softer“. The wife bought a new grade of toilet paper. Hurry to use! Watch a video! Watch a video!