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And what if there are not enough DropBox opportunities?

of DropBox are one of the most known and popular services for creation in the Internet - space of own storage of data. It is very convenient to have such “online - a flash card“ which will not be lost and will not break, unlike real.

And it not the only advantage. Having once adjusted synchronization of the data about the Internet - a flash card, it is possible not to care for it any more is everything will automatically occur. Compare it to a physical flash card on which it is necessary to copy the documents, then to take out, somewhere to bear, insert...

It is no wonder that DropBox became megapopular and generated the mass of services - clones. To attract users, they offer the best terms and new opportunities. And to us all this only on a hand! The competition - it is good. It forces firms to give to consumers more useful for smaller money. And in this case “smaller money“ can mean full free of charge. Lepota!

So, I represent service for preservation and synchronization of data of SugarSync ! What is it allocated against competitors with? Yes almost anything. Unless some trifles. However trifles can play a crucial role, so far as concerns the choice of the service which is carrying out such important function. Discontent and irritation from - for the fact that this trifle is absent another works somehow not so, and the third in general is buggy, can collect day by day. Here the list of the main criteria by which I chose SugarSync instead of DropBox:

1. the Space provided free of charge. DropBox gives 2 GB. Such offer became outdated long ago, but creators of service rested on monasteries in dangerous confidence that promotion and the saved-up user base will rescue them. Dangerous delusion. Now the standard - the fact is the volume of 5 GB. Offers SugarSync so much.

And this space it is possible to expand beyond all bounds, remaining within a free tariff! For example, everyone registered on SugarSync according to the referalny reference at once will get a rise in half-gigabyte. Some more simple actions - and here at you already or are even slightly more than 6 GB. And maybe, it is even much more. In total in your hands!

2. Synchronization of any folders and files. DropBox synchronizes only one folder. Therefore you should care for that the necessary file appeared in this folder. It is good if it is the text of article, for example. You just create it in this folder - and all. And if it is the configuration file of the program? Or seyv - the file of a computer game? They have to lie on the places. To make so-called symbolical references? Many users do not know what is it. And what for?

The computer has to relieve us of such stupid monotonous actions as daily (or hourly) copying of files in a certain folder. It has to relieve of excessive difficulties too. For example, from studying of new technology (symbolical references).

That is why I like SugarSync. He solves my problems, but does not introduce new in my life. It is a trifle, but of such trifles there is the fact that now call “usability“, usability of the program.

3. Lack of restrictions for file volume. Many services assume such restriction. Usually it is equal to 2 GB, and in certain cases even 200 MB. And here it is possible to download the file which will occupy all available volume to SugarSync. I began to rock two images of DVD to test, both are more than 2 GB. No problem! By the way, in the sum they weigh slightly more than 5 GB. It is one of the reasons for which I paid attention to this service. It would be offensive to acquire the paid account for the sake of increase in volume by 10%.

4. Sending files by e-mail. Let`s say you received the certain important document attached to the e-mail. It is necessary to keep it on the hard drive, and then to adjust synchronization. Or, as in a case with DropBox to keep in the synchronizable folder at once. Then it is necessary not to forget where it was pushed... Not to wonder in few months what the file is and from where it undertook.

SugarSync hurries to the aid again! It is not necessary to keep anything on a disk, it is enough to readdress this letter on a special mailbox. As a result your necessary file automatically will appear in network storage, in the special folder intended only only for the files loaded in such a way. Certainly, then with it it is possible to make anything - to move, download, remove...

5. Reasonable tracking of actions with files. What do I mean? Let`s say you changed some file synchronized with SugarSync storage. Of course, this change will be reflected also in SugarSync. But what if change was undesirable? For example, there was some failure, in the file the wrong information registered. Not puzhaytes, citizens! SugarSync stores 5 last copies of each file therefore it is possible to be rolled away back and to pull out the correct file from copies even if you noticed the damage fact not at once, and they managed to perezateret each other several times. And if ourselves removed the file? If all changes are monitored, then the file has to be removed also on SugarSync, unless not so? No, it not so. The file will remain in storage until we give conscious command to remove it and from there. Ingeniously!

6. Convenient access from the most different devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile. And also, certainly, from the computer. It opens a set of opportunities to facilitate and simplify to itself life. Since listening of the favourite music anywhere and when necessary and finishing the organization of collaboration of several people over one document.

I could write a lot what, but did not set as the purpose to give a complete description of service. There is enough information to reflection.

In conclusion I will tell how to increase the volume of SugarSync storage to 6 GB and even more. After registration according to my, for example, referalny reference and installations of the program we visit the website com and we press the Getting Started button. We see the list from 6 points. For implementation of each point from the first on the fifth give 125 MB. The first point has to be already crossed out. Respectively, you have 5,6 GB (5 GB give at once, half-gigabyte on mine, for example, to the reference and 125 MB for the first point).

We implement other clauses. Do not pay attention that there suggest to publish something. Download any file and any folder, receive references to them - and at once receive 250 MB. It is not obligatory to publish these references at all.

As for sending the file by mail, you can arrive approximately also - to send any garbage and to erase right there. And here at you already 6 GB! And if you are a happy owner of the mobile device, then can implement the second clause. As a result at you even slightly more than 6 GB will turn out. Still a little? Tell all the friends and acquaintances about SugarSync! Every time when someone is registered according to the recommendation of other user, both is also the one who recommended, and the one to whom recommended, - receive 500 MB.

That is why it is more favorable to be registered according to the referalny reference, than most!