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To envy it is impossible to fight or Envy as the reason of our inaction

In one children`s song is sung “And at Vovka, and Vovka has two re-examinations. Likely, it is a shame to it, and after all enviably!“
A still enviably to us happens in any occasion and without: the neighbor brought the charming Labrador, mother began to sew beautiful dresses, the girlfriend was engaged in the photo, colleagues here too do not lag behind. One goes to dances and terribly grew thin, another already both “shprekhat“ and “cements“ on German and English, and the third on continuous travel on all globe “dangles“.

- And from where they have so much money?
- Well, of course, at it neither a family, nor children what not to be engaged!.
- Yes I too so can, just I have no time (bad weather, is not present mood, “I will think of it tomorrow“, here I will remake that and it, etc.)

Similar talk if is conducted, then it is rather not about you, and with your participation. And it means only one that not you the object of general discussions, voskhishcheniye or can be, indignations, but anyway envy. And you stand in the buzzing crowd and envy. Not always admitting it even to itself. And more generally being repaid and being sorry.
heaviest it to be lazy, realizing that you, - yes, - the idler! And that it is also the reason of all your failures. What does it have to do with laziness? While it generates envy. And here envy …

Sometimes it generates fleeting flashes of your rough emotions and steps, but for a long time it does not last. But besides all that, she can grow in your body and consciousness a number of diseases and complexes: from frustration and depressions to obesity and sore heart. And I not necessarily dramatize. If to start itself, then what only can, it does not happen.

And then, you only think how many efforts, time and money other people spend. And that all they achieved practically always was not the “god-send“ which fell down suddenly, but a fruit of heavy works and efforts, and also refusals and restrictions.
- the Beautiful figure is weekly loadings and a diet, refusal of pleasures gastronomic and pastelno - bedside;
- Beautiful photos or dresses and anything - result of continuous trainings in the concrete, interesting you area, refusal of an idleness, and also constant monetary investments in development and improvement of the occupation;
- And various animals, and also cars and all real estate requires in general everyday efforts, attention and care, whether it be repair or morning walkings of the pet, his campaign to the veterinarian and acquisition of a heap “äåòàëåê“ or forages and toys.

And here in time to understand the main thing that all this, (and also a lot of all another which is more necessary for you) can quite be yours and it is rather real. But for a start it is necessary to admit to himself the weaknesses and, - and it is difficult! - to begin to work on itself.

For a start it is possible (but it is precisely necessary!) it is not enough: to stop discussing and envying, and to concentrate on itself and if absolutely it is impossible to be self-controlled, then occupy yourself. Go - …

Where - nibud and though in shop or park, or be tidied up at home. Wash up floors even if they still pure: it will not be worse to either floors, or you. Eventually, work improves, and also calms, and in general helps to refrain from nonsenses. Well, and, of course, “to exhaust“!

And when you already got up and began to do something, having switched the thoughts and “curls“ to another, already much easier slowly, (not to frighten off yourself) from usual everyday affairs to pass to the with important “interpersonal“ growth.

On slightly - do something slightly every day, learn or at least you look at the subject of adoration or future achievement, in other words “you cannot go towards the treasured aim - creep. But you cannot creep, lay down and you lie in the necessary direction“.
without being distracted by others and in vain without spending the energy for feelings unnecessary you, just try to do something. For a start at least something.
A will begin to turn out, little by little, gradually pass to the most important - to the dreams and the purposes. Also learn to rejoice at least to the fact that if today you “also did not make enough and necessary then wanted and thought of it“!

And to thorough idlers that finally not to unknit them similar installations, before the dream (well if there is opportunity, then, of course, a bit earlier!) not to go to bed, and at least fifteen minutes to spend for reading about interesting you occupation or a thing. That the soul was quiet that day passed not for nothing well at least still a little bit to approach it - the dream.