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Utilization of garbage - it is beautiful?

From our point of view waste recycling plant? The gloomy, gray building which surrounded itself with an unpleasant fetid smell, dust and a smoke. Not an iridescent picture, isn`t that so? But Japanese preferred not to be reconciled with such representations and constructed unique incineration plant of household waste Maishima in the city of Osaka.

The ingenious Austrian artist and the architect Freidensreich Hundertwasser who was famous for development of houses and the industrial enterprises of unusual design became the author of the project of this creation. The creator did not live only half a year up to opening of plant. The enterprise was put into operation in 2000 - m to year.

Maishima draws attention with the unusual architectural concept of construction of the building of such profile. And reminds rather not waste recycling plant, but the magic palace where there live fantastic heroes. From a distance also you will not understand that for object before you.

In the building everything is unusual. Interesting form of a design: without straight lines, with curve walls, with different superstructures and platforms. The windows of the different sizes as if scattered on all building. Strikes a color variety which gives to plant fabulousness. It both a pattern of a chessboard, and the playful multi-colored strips “flowing“ on a wall and gloss of a roof and separate parts of a structure.

The separate attention is deserved by beautifully poured multi-colored pipe where there is a multistage purification of air by means of the modern equipment. Ceramic facing and a dome of color of gold create inexpressible feeling of magic. But not only appearance is attractive to a look, it is not less interesting in the building inside. The same unique atmosphere and sterile purity reigns in premises of plant.

In general, the Maishima incineration plant consists of two blocks of different function. In the first there is a processing and burning of household waste. The second block carries out function on burning of a silt deposit which remains after clarification of sewage. Energy which is emitted in process is used for providing the city with heat and electricity. It is interesting to notice that in some countries this rest is dug in to the earth as it is cheaper. The enterprise works only on high environmental standards and uses modern high-quality technologies.

Undoubtedly, the main task of plant - utilization of household garbage and a silt deposit, but the enterprise besides carries out excursions for adults and children. It not only survey stories, are also special programs for the school students directed to training and development of younger generation. Here too there is a center of rehabilitation of disabled people and hotel for their relatives and just visitors in business trips. There is even a restaurant with ethnic cuisine with an excellent view of the bridge of Osaka.

Such constructions blow the mind. The Maishima incineration plant can safely be carried to masterpieces of world architecture. And carrying out so valuable practical function as processing and utilization of garbage, and at the same time without causing damage to the nature and society, he deserves special respect.