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Switzerland? “The main thing - not to hurry!“

They say that those who already bought everything go to Switzerland and visited everywhere. In the sense that this country which is associated with chic, prosperity, luxury and gourmandise, not for bustle on shops (the prices bite) and not for fans of “gallop across Evropam“ (too much beautiful here to fuss).

The large cities (Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Lucerne) deserve separate visit and thorough survey. And the majestic Alps keeping small Switzerland in strong embraces, apparently, are created for pleasure - that without hurrying, with taste …

that - that, and it is impossible to miss in the Swiss Alps - then, one and a half centuries ago, especially now. There is always a lot of snow that have a good time though all day long: driving on a snowboard and skis (running and mountain), on the sledge (at night by the light of torches it turns out especially cheerfully), in the tubing - the rubber boat in which twists the passenger stronger, than on a roller coaster. Or the most harmless - on skates (skating rinks are filled in in each settlement).

By the way, the first couple of mountain skis was made in Switzerland 150 years ago: the priest Johann Imzeng moved down on them from height of one and a half kilometer and survived and is safe. Every year on snow-covered slopes the strange people who are vigorously stamping in short skis on a steep slope … up even more often meet. These are so-called sk - rounds on which it is possible to go “against the stream“ thanks to fur tapes - kamusa - fastening either on an adhesive tape or on thongs.

Swisses are mad about a healthy lifestyle, sk - rounds among the businessmen who are rolled up at office Are popular. They gather with the instructor very early on morning and walk to conquer peak, to reduce stress which is saved up in a week.

Or to take, for example, a hayking - a new type of year-round tourism on which all Swisses are keen it is universal. It is a one-day foot walk to mountains with the purpose to admire mountain landscapes. If to ask the young successful man of years of thirty: “And how you prefer to spend days off?“, he without batting an eyelid will answer: “I go for a walk to mountains!“ Notice - not to drink beer at the TV and not to walk till the morning in night club!

The Hayking is not aimless fermentation across the Alps, and walk on purpose. With a vengeance! At first you stamp strictly up a track, consulting the map (independently it is not recommended to lay a route on a mountain virgin soil) and on the way you look in small small restaurants on tasting of wine. It is possible to admire vicinities infinitely, mountains in Switzerland very tall, fancy outlines and 4 thousand emerald color of the lakes scattered over all country add an esthetics … the Way back passes

more slowly and, of course, more cheerfully. Wines in Switzerland are unusually tasty, without them any citizen respecting himself has not dinner. To the word - on 7,5 - the million population of the country is necessary even 40 thousand wine makers! It is very popular and prestigious profession. Quite often successful officials who are quickly climbing an office ladder suddenly give up affairs, having bought a vineyard, move where - nibud to mountains and write e-mails to the former colleagues subsequently that, at last, understood that such happiness.

And Swiss glaciers! The attitude of Swisses to this magnificence is amazing. In 1869 the Commission on studying of glaciers was formed. It was most of all lucky Forab glacier (2570 m). Thanks to efforts of local council on tourism it, most likely, will live longer than the fellows. Every summer twenty employees get on walking tracks on top of a glacier and carefully spread on it the fleece “rag“ three thousand square meters in size delivered by helicopter. Thus, the glacier till October is protected from a harmful ultraviolet. In October fabric gathers accurately and taken out on a dump, and the glacier appears to delighted looks in all beauty again.

On local television quite often drive a ridiculous roller where a little athletically the put handsome with blue eyes, having noticed the pigeon who flew by over a favourite glacier, give up all affairs, including long-legged girlfriends, and rush with buckets and rags on top, to wash possible consequences.

Or other example of careful attitude to the nature: the resort of Saas - Fe. Here with 50 - x years of last century public transport service is forbidden - inhabitants so solved. Cars by which there come travelers remain with entry into the town on the seven-level underground parking. As what important mister you would not feel , on Saas - Fe it is necessary to go on foot or to go by the electric car. Can buy it not everyone, and only the one who needs it, - owners of hotels, for example, or a police station, mail carriers. It is not necessary to feel sorry for unfortunate travelers. The ban of traffic does not cause any inconveniences.

Many Swiss resorts are located at the height of 1200 meters, and it, according to physicians, accelerates a metabolism in a human body: red blood cells (the erythrocytes which are responsible for transfer of oxygen from lungs to fabrics) are developed much more intensively, than in usual conditions. That is why in a week, even just walking on mountain tracks with the camera, it is possible to throw off up to five kilograms easily! They say that grow thin even just here lying on a convenient bed in number and having opened a window.

Speaking about Switzerland, it is necessary to mention the well-known spa - the procedures offered almost in each hotel. If you do not ski, quickly are tired of walking, Spa - the centers will approach as well as possible. Pools with warm water - directly under the open sky, at the exit - the laid tables with various herbal teas and the Alpine honey and procedures for a body and a face for every taste and a purse.

I most of all liked ice mask of own preparation. Having come to a threshold of Waldhaus Flims Resort &Spa hotel after the weakening massage, buried in a huge snow-white snowdrift and... stiffened. Acquaintances a few weeks more were surprised to unusual freshness of my person, suspecting intervention of the plastic surgeon …