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How most to organize normal rest abroad?

Preparing for holiday abroad, most of friends and colleagues, especially without puzzling, acquire permits in travel agency which advertizing was seen on the TV (as option - neighbors or the mother-in-law), and forward - on rest told.

It is no wonder that the considerable part of such travelers seriously overpays for the rest. And what you wanted? Agency - not the charitable organization, it has to make profit for the owner. It means that the client has to not only contain a staff of this agency, but also put a money in a pocket to the owner. Otherwise why to it agency, business for the sake of business - it is not ridiculous.

All right still if the travel company honestly fulfills the commission charges and if it is not absolutely conscientious? Then from holiday the tourist comes back, not only having “indecently“ spent the capitals, but also with obvious feeling of “deep dissatisfaction“ concerning quality of service in hotel, not absolutely pleasant breakfasts and lunches at restaurant, unsuccessful excursions.

What is necessary that holiday was successful?

For a start should be able to use

the Internet. Why? Yes because the Network contains the mass of useful information, from a train departure time on Hatsapetovka to ticket cost in a cabin “luxury“ in the Allure of the Seas cruise liner, from a way of booking of apartments on the island Phuket to the schedule of excursions to the Egyptian pyramids. It is possible to find plane tickets from Novosibirsk to Tenerife in the World wide web, on the bus from Moscow to Riga, it is possible to visit the website of any embassy and consulate to receive particulars of receipt of a visa to Latvia, or to find out that in Thailand the visa is not required to you.

How to receive the visa?

Is begun with the fact that we look for the company which will help us with registration of the visa on the Internet (if, of course, the visa is necessary). For example, PONY EXPRESS is engaged not only mailings, but also helps with obtaining visas to Canada, Latvia, the USA and other states. Of course, it is necessary if you live not in Moscow, St. Petersburg, or other cities where there are consulates and representations of the countries, popular with tourists.

You can choose the company which will help you with visas, on the taste and the budget. But it is better to choose, in - the first, on quotations, and in - the second, on accreditation in consulate of the country necessary to you. Why? Because today there are quite enough firms - the something ephemeral ready to raise money from tourists and to be dissolved smoothly on open spaces of the World wide web.

If you the resident of the capital or “St. Petersburg“, to you it is not necessary to consider options of receipt of a visa by means of firm - the intermediary. All necessary information, up to forms of questionnaires, is available on the website of any embassy or consulate. You independently collect all documents and also independently submit them to consulate or embassy of the country necessary for you. Such way with guarantee saves to you means.

What needs to be known for purchase of tickets?

Should know Russian and to be able to use Yandex or Google. It is not a joke, to gather in the searcher necessary inquiry like “plane tickets cheap“ or “to buy train tickets“, no special knowledge is necessary. After the searcher gives ten - another of the websites, such as agent or aviashop, it is enough to you to choose reasonable prices and to book tickets for the necessary time and the necessary route.

But for the choice of the company which will be responsible for your movement from “a point And“ in “a point of B“ it will be better to come on a two-three of forums to read reviews of these companies. As a rule, such responses in bulk, it is not even necessary to be registered and create a separate subject. Only having convinced of reliability of the seller, buy tickets.

How to order hotel in other state?

is present

At modern technologies no problem and in the order of hotel, a cottage, hostel, apartments and other housing in any point of the Old and New World. Again we are come to the rescue by the World wide web where data on hotels, country houses and hostels so many that it is possible to spend half a year only for browsing of pages with offers of housing. In this case it is necessary to take forums and advice of skilled travelers again. For certain the city chosen by you was already visited by tens of thousands of tourists from the different countries, and many of them left the mark in the Network in the form of responses.

When you will re-read fifty responses and councils, you for certain decide on a country house or studio, or perhaps on hotel or hostel. And you will need only to be written off by e-mail with the owner or administration of the chosen hotel to receive the required bank details, where to list a payment for the booked room (by the way, many hostels and even hotels do not demand an advance payment). Fee of hotel by means of the cash card - the most widespread way of operations with currency, and besides the simplest. In any branch of the bank the consultant will help you to make it (if you never did such translations). Who to you will help

with a way?

Well everything, decided on a route and hotel, tickets got, received the visa, it was necessary to find the assistant who will go with you to travel. You the first time go independently, without tour operator, the translator and the guide. And here, the most interesting: the Internet will be your assistant, the guide and the translator again. Study in detail all necessary data which will be useful to you on the way, at customs, at the airport, in hotel. Look what interesting places and sights are available there where you prepared for holiday. Unpack or keep the most necessary in the laptop (if you take it with yourself).

That`s all. You are ready to a trip. And if you still learn the most common phrases in English and versions of answers to them, then you in general have nothing to be afraid. Believe, everywhere there live people, everywhere to you will be able to give help in a difficult situation.

Your spirit on a trip has to be it - and then the first independent trip and holiday in general will be successful for all 100%.

Why I surely recommend such way of the organization of rest and I consider that everything at you will turn out? Just because itself since recent time began so to go to have a rest abroad.