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In what main task of the woman?

Once davny - long ago, men and women divided among themselves obligations for the maintenance of a family and the house. As stronger, the man undertook more difficult, more dangerous, more labor-consuming affairs: protection of the house up in arms, hunting and fishing, work to the field and care of cattle, preparation of hay and at last, construction and maintenance in good repair the house and the yard.

The woman, respectively got easier affairs, them was not less, than at men, but they were concentrated near the house (the yard). It was dictated not by some “serf“ and proprietary man`s views of type: the woman - the silly woman stay at home, and elementary standards of safety: at home the woman was trapped by less dangers, than in the outside world, it is especially important for a reproduction. The woman should take out and give birth to the healthy baby therefore first of all, it is necessary to take care of its safety. And already, proceeding from it, the circle of a women stuff was defined: care of small children, cooking, house cleaning, washing of clothes, kitchen garden, production of clothes.

All this traditional division of affairs poorly - poorly existed up to the last time. So far the man got and brought food even if expressed in a money equivalent, the woman was in charge of housekeeping. At the same time somehow imperceptibly there was a confusion of concepts: the husband began to bring home not natural products (meat, grain), and simple pieces of paper for which these products should be exchanged. And most of women ran on shops, having charged itself with one more duty. Lovely ladies, if you were tired to run with heavy bags of products, then only you are guilty of it - you did not explain to the men that full providing a family belongs to their duties, I include that delivery of products in your house or the apartment. Especially as now the majority of families has cars and once a week to go behind products to some supermarket or on the market will not make big work.
Someone just does not let men in shops, being afraid to entrust them money from the family budget: in vain will spend and will buy something not that. You are afraid? Constantly you control (and God forbid, the man also drinks that not a rarity in our families), there is exit too: the detailed list of purchases or you go together with it, at the same time you remember: you are a Woman, but not the dray horse to drag these heavy bags from a market, it is its problem.
But it is only one, most harmless example of shift and substitution of concepts. There are things more terribly.

In modern society only the small percent of women is content with a role of “the muzhny wife“. These are those lucky women who like to be in charge of housekeeping, to make looney tasty lunches, to serve the husband and children. These are the good wives penetrating into the husband`s problems, good mothers who manage to take away children after school in two - three sections and a mug of everyone. And that the most interesting, is pleasant to them such life. You will tell and how self-realization? And they so self-actualize. Go to all PTA meetings, become chairmen of parental committee … These are heroic women, the real keepers of a home, Beregini`s presents.

But … but, such women of unit. Most of women work on an equal basis with men, at the same time get paid not smaller, than at the husband, and sometimes and big. So, we will consider option: both spouses work with 8 to 17, or with 9 to 18. (it is in this situation not important). Here they approximately in at one time come back from work. The husband is filled up on a sofa with the newspaper in front of the TV (for people is more senior) or “hangs“ on a social network (option for those who are younger), the wife hurries - to make a dinner on kitchen. Then it should manage to wash (respect to inventors of the washing machine) - to put, pull out linen, to check lessons at the younger child, to listen to plaints on the subject “whole world mess, all people …“ of the pimply teenager (it at best if he (she) still tells you about it), and maybe it is worse: to catch this teenager from the company of youths, it is unclear that smokers in a gate and washing down all this with some power engineering specialists.

Question: well why - at - at? I returned from work too and was tired not less it. Why it lies up a paunch, and I after work have to otpakhat one more change on a household field?

Yes because trying to obtain notorious equality, having come to work on an equal basis with men (having left the house and vtorgshis in the outside world), we divided with men of their duty in the outside world (war, hunting, production of food), but at the same time traditional education, does not allow our men to divide with us our household chores.

Exit? Where exit? I adhere to Vedic outlook, but whether I comprehended wisdom of the Veda insufficiently, whether the Veda already became outdated. I do not like recommendations which are made there: The woman has to regard as of paramount importance the man, trust in him and be engaged in the device of life, family, it can work, only if it not to the detriment of a family, and no more than 4 hours a day (so entertainments for the sake of that was where to splash out the energy which is not realized on a household field). There are such women who read Torsunov and Godetsky`s books and moved in this direction. At someone it turned out and not bad it turned out, and the others (such for some reason the majority), well just, probably, they were insufficiently womanly. One my friend, having married on big love, decided that it - that the cleverest, it and will clean the house, and will prepare to eat, and will never forget the husband to praise even for trifling work (the nail hammered - the good fellow, on a market descended - in general the hero), and she will not wait for a praise and gratitude for the ironed shirt or the cooked borsch (it is simple female duties - to thank - for what?) .

Guess, than history of my friend ended? The husband became impudent, decided that he is the center of the Universe and one woman to it a little and began to drive to the house of some doubtful women with whom began to thump, exactly to thump, but not to drink or take alcohol, by the way to a wedding it to spirtnomuvoobshche did not touch, then he declared that such wife to it is not necessary to it. My friend filed for divorce.

What to do? Where exit?
Numerous women`s magazines and forums claim that the woman herself has to stick together the man. As in that song: “I stuck together it from what was, And then that was - that and fell in love“.

I also do not argue, weather in the house, really in many respects depends on the woman. And if earlier the only care of the woman was to establish suitable climate in the house, then now everything is much more difficult. The modern woman should find time and for the house, a family, both for work, and for a hobby. Whether it seems to me, whether really now practically you will not meet the woman without some hobby: one writes articles on various websites, another knits, the third was fond of a decoupage … Where on all this to take

time, at the same time remaining the good hostess? I long reflected on this subject. Tried different options: sat on necks at the mother-in-law a little, then tried to charge with all household chores itself, then to accustom to household chores of the husband and sons. And how? - you ask. With variable success. Only, to what conclusion I came - one person is not able to pull a cart of household chores (irrespective of a floor) if a family big.

And to fans of a Vedic way of life I can tell: it is pleasant to you how the family in Vedic society is arranged? Remarkably! And whether you paid attention not only to the relations the husband - the wife, can you also kids noticed there?!

And so, kids there not the parasites, not the impudent fattened boors for days on end hanging at the computer. There kids - workers, and since three-year age. You will entrust 3 - x the summer daughter mopping? No, and excuses there will be a weight: it is small, will pour water, will not wring out a rag and in general - only dirt will carry. And then 12 - summer you will not force to wash the floors any more. How to be told: snotty kiss in time. Roughly? But truth!

Of course, it is ideal when household chores are divided between all equally. For example, the father buys products and makes lunches on Sunday, mother prepares within a week, and children clean, erase, wash the dishes.

How to achieve it? And this already is also those female cunnings which help to establish weather in the house. And neither forums, nor glossy magazines will help to solve this problem to the woman. Everyone solves this problem independently. And it is the main objective of any woman.