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What movie received the Oscar in 2007? Koena`s brothers and “To old men here not the place“

Everyone dreams to catch good luck for a tail. At absolute majority good luck is associated with a certain sum of money. Its size, as a rule, depends on impudence of the dreamer. But all meet in one - money has to be so much that the rest of life them could be spent, without reflecting.

At the same time many realize that big money, as well as adult children are a source of a headache. Especially if money - not your, their there is a lot of also to the owner not all the same. The hero of the Oscar-winning movie of brothers Koenov “To old men here not the place“ did not plan to grow rich suddenly, but, having become the owner of a small suitcase with millions, it passed line behind which only pain, fear and death.

… Having gone to the desert to get something artiodactyl for dinner, the simple welder Lyyuilin Moss did not assume that he will come back home after midnight with a lot of money, the weapon and vague prospect on the future. Having found the mountain of drugs and corpses in the middle of the steppe, Moss judged that there will be a few persons interested to pocket a suitcase with dollars therefore kept it. Being a person correct and near, at night Moss returned to the place of dismantling to help the wounded. And in it there was its greatest oversight.

Human greed is equal only to human nonsense. Having thought that now for his ordinary-looking life will not give also broken cent, Moss breaks from a familiar spot and tears claws in hope to get lost on open spaces of great American dream. The hunter from it of nevazhnetskiya, but its nature did not deprive of skills of a survival and sharpness. The nuance is that no knowledge will help if the treasured small suitcase is filled with “bug“, and on a tail at the unlucky millionaire the psychopath - the murderer Anton Chigur sits.

The local sheriff - the pensioner Tom Bell only manages to count corpses with which Chigur covers the road to the fugitive Moss. Without understanding an events essence, the old legalist heart feels that the poor creature Moss got to a vice. The choice at the last is indeed small - or to be given on favor of persecutors and to lose both money, and life, or to rest to the last and to hope for a miracle. But times of miracles already sank into oblivion. And life of the simple hard worker will cost exactly so much, in how many he estimated it. Two million “dead presidents“. Minus overhead costs …

Koena`s Brothers in the statements never differed in peacefulness. Exception it is possible to consider an amazing mockery “Helper Hadsakera“, misunderstood as most of the viewers, and the expensive romantic tape “Intolerable Cruelty“ which, by the way, turned back financial fiasco for the creators. Having much played enough with “black humour“ for which their collaborations were always famous, Koena suddenly presented on court of the viewer gloomily gloomy and ominous movie with the ultraboundary level of violence and total absence of music. As a result of a rupture of a template - an impressive box office and the first “main“ Oscar in career of two screenwriters, directors and producers.

Nevertheless, despite amicable recognition from critics and the audience, cinema it turned out ambiguous. In many respects from - for the fact that brothers took the book of the winner of the Pulitzer Prize (“Road“) Cormac McCarthy as a literary basis. And were not just inspired by work as many present film figures do, and meticulously and scrupulously followed a novel letter, quoting the paper original without notes. McCarthy is a writer notable, but it is hefty pessimistic. And if in its books light at the end of the tunnel also dawns, then in most cases is a reflection of headlights of the approaching goods train. Heroes of its novels suffer infinately, but not for idea, and just because are forced to live so. And Koena this fact in the creation was highlighted, without having left uniform chance of hepp - and.

Faultfinders talk scandal that supposedly Koenam brought. That year on the Oscar it was poor and brothers did not feel the serious competition. Only who could cross really Road “Old Men“ there was Paul Thomas Anderson with “Oil“, but here film academicians preferred to give superiority of that from two gloomy screen versions, what is more live. Anderson not strongly took offense, and Daniel Dai - Lewis who received the second gold figurine in the career - especially. It is amusing that both pictures were shot in the desert of Nevada, and shooting stages were so close that cinematographers sometimes involuntarily disturbed the friend the friend.

If critics, in the bulk, were delighted with a director`s manner and camerawork, then the audience was confused by two facts. In - the first, Javier Bardem`s hairdress. The Spaniard, uvidav himself in a mirror, officially said goodbye to sex for all the time of shootings. What did not prevent it to become the victor of the Oscar also. In - the second, were not pleasant to much that in a tape there are no nominal heroes.

We got used that the thriller is an opposition of the villain and positive character. “To old men here not the place“ deprive of us and this small pleasure. To whom to empathize? To the unfortunate cretin Moss who decided to outwit drug dealers? To the basic murderer Chigur deciding destiny of the victims by means of a coin? To the philosophizing sheriff performed by Tommy Lee Jones who in an anticipation of pension avoids work and prefers to complain about degradation of morals at present generation? Where do not spit, a bog everywhere.

With Josh Brolin who played Moss, by the way, there was an interesting situation. The first who rushed on an embrasure was the handsome Paule Walker, known to us according to the racing franchize “Forcing“. And everything, okromya Walker, understood that he line does not approach for this role. Koena refused to it and invited in more charismatic and talented Heath Ledger`s picture. The young Australian who only prepared for the star role of the Joker, having a little thought, unsubscribed from the favorable offer. Ledger, probably, understood that according to the scenario the main character everything is more Bardem`s character is considered. And to Brolin dreaming to keep the company to the Spaniard on the platform, Koena refused tests. Then the actor, having secured with support of the friends, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, independently depicted itself in Moss`s image that in view of Ledger`s refusal became turning point.

The main thing, than the picture Koenov is attractive, besides Brolin, Bardem, Tommy Lee Jones and Woody Harrelson`s excellent actor`s works is the atmosphere. Creators of the movie consciously deprived a tape of all music, having allowed the viewer to feel literally tension which hung in mid-air. The rare opus can brag of such disturbing expectation of trouble. On intensity of emotions the movie can be compared to another, later, McCarthy`s screen version - “Dear“ Jonah Hillkouta. Especially from this point of view the scene in hotel and a magnificent episode of opposition of Harrelson and Bardem is remarkable.

Most of all questions are raised, certainly, by an ending. But here a question more likely not to Koenam, and the literary original. There now there was a wish to transfer to the writer a plot from the course of the criminal thriller to a philosophical parable. And did not come to directors to mind that such option can not suit audience. But it is worth spending two hours for viewing of this filigree and fascinating tape definitely. At least to understand simple truth - it is not enough to grab good luck by a tail. She still needs to be kept.