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How to write lovingly - the erotic novel

Ya came to the editor-in-chief of our publishing house for receiving money for just written lovingly - the erotic novel.

The editor on a nickname - to the neym appropriated to it by employees, the Bald Lapwing, and in the world Pyotr Sergeyevich, was sulky as a bear.

- It that, - directly from a threshold it ran me, showing the folder with a newly-baked masterpiece. - It that for shit?

I wanted to take offense at first, but thought of the money which was already lying at me in a pocket as it seemed even in the morning, did not allow to be shown to emotions.

- It, Pyotr Sergeyevich, novel “Love Dreams“. It is written on your task, handed over precisely in time. Volume meets standard and even a little more.

- You as are called, - the editor forgot my name again.

- Fedor Mikhaylovich we.

- Who we are, - the Bald Lapwing did not understand a joke. - You under what pseudonym work for us - Lelya Chernaya?

- Yes.

- And you know how many years I created this brand? Under it created already five successful authors, and I will not allow anybody to spoil it.

- And in what actually business, - I took an interest.

- Hack-work. Full hack-work, - the editor answered. - You received let small, but advance payment. And advance payments, you know, now are scarcer than hen`s teeth. Well, went. It opened the folder with my manuscript. - Here on the thirtieth page. Scene of the first meeting of heroes.

“Masha grabbed a poker and struck with it between legs three times of Victor“.

- Well in it it? The girl just protected the honor.

- Honor. Three times. Marquis de Sade has a rest. And why a poker if the meeting happens on the beach?

I reflected. Yes, it was my mistake. At first was the scene in a rural log hut near the furnace is conceived. Then action was transferred to more romantic situation. And forgot to clean a poker, as ill-luck would have it.

- Give I right now I will correct everything. I will replace a poker with an oar - del - that.

- The oar will turn out even more painfully, - crookedly grinned as though having remembered something, the Bald Lapwing also continued.

“At the moment of the highest passion Victor adored a smell of sweat of Maria“. - It that - from personal experience?

I modestly looked down. - Well, as to tell you …

- And here and to speak - that is necessary nothing. It is necessary to read. - “She lost this day the honor and advantage three times“. - Same in any gate does not climb any more. The fact that it lost the honor and advantage - it is clear. But how it is possible to lose them three times? Especially honor. And why again figure three?

- Well, three athletes, three pigs, “three wise men in one basin“, - I began to remember classics. But the editor did not listen any more. It was all in the world of “Love dreams“.

“Masha of crying and sniffing fiercely cut carrots for borsch, remembering the first unsuccessful night with Victor. As if trying to revenge it“. Well, here, perhaps, nothing so turned out. Quite, quite...
A here who to you allowed to compare a jade core to a power vertical? I agree that fallichesky symbols and a certain eroticism are inherent in our management. But by policy of publishing house it is strictly forbidden to be put in policy in general! And if the jade core, then why there is no jasper cave anywhere is mentioned in the novel?

And where final? Unless it is the final!

“Masha and Victor stood having joined hands near break and looked as the huge red sun disappears behind the horizon. And they took a step forward“ … Spielberg with “Titanic“ has a rest.

- Yes they so got me with the feelings that at the end there was a wish to be through with both somehow. But it is beautiful. It is possible to write still that they kissed in flight last time.

- Kissed. Or still what were in time. Go, Fedor Mikhaylovich, and complete. Also try not to dishonor a nice name of Lelya Chernoy any more.

- And money?

The editor looked at me with a look of Victor to which got a poker between legs from Masha. And I hasty retired. For an hour I will complete the “Dreams of love“. Delov - that.