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To die to be born again?

Life and death, the good and evil, love and hatred, fine and ugly, light and darkness, - find the reflection in the theory of contrasts at Heraclitus. At Aristotle obviously that contrasts in itself do not exist therefore it is necessary to speak not about live and dead, fine and ugly, etc., and about a living or dead being, etc., i.e. contrasts have to have always the carrier in which they can be inherent or are not inherent in which they can be or not be.
Is impossible that existence was and was not inherent same. In this judgment existence and not existence, life and a non-existence get double existence: as a predicate and as a sheaf. In judgment it is claimed that it is impossible about same to tell: “it is existing“ and “it is not existing“, or “it is nonexistent“.
a predicate “existing“ is replaceable Now any other, for example “kind“. The developed, full formulation will turn out. In our example it means that it is impossible that kindness was and was not inherent in the same being at the same time (“together“) and in the same sense. The last is very important. Heraclitus identified contrasts because he took also in different meanings, in the different relations. It has sea water - both drink, and a poison, it has a monkey and is beautiful, and is ugly in the different relations: for the person sea water a poison, but for sea fishes - drink, and the monkey can be fine among monkeys, but also the most beautiful monkey is ugly in comparison with the ugliest person. Aristotle forbids such volnichaniye. The same person can be both fine, and ugly at the same time, but only in different meanings. For the person who considers that beauty is inherent only in youth the old person will never seem fine. But other person can understand beauty in a different way, and for him and some old men can be fine.
As live can die?
We do not know that was “till the birth“ and what will be “after death“. We are in the Life. The simplicity she adds to us complexity, in the complexity it seems idle time, in the severity it is indulgent, and is indulgent to the severity, it is short in the length, and is long in the korotkost, she is beautiful the disgrace, and is ugly the prekrasnost, it is many-sided in one side, and is boundless in other sides. What it would not be, it is a gift. It is not tied by a bow, but it a gift.
For someone life is just a piece which needs to be passed, having placed only points on the card of life. And for someone all these points are also the card. And what if happens so that on the card there are two points And yes In, and cannot carry out a piece between them. Condition of detachment, confusion, disorientation, death during lifetime. In a point And, the place where now you are, there is everything that it is necessary for you, but it All is not enough to lose for transition to V.`s
point of to find new? To die anew to be born?
the question - why all this was created Rises. And here side: what was created for a point And was not applicable for a point of Century. From it and emptiness inside, everything that was a skeleton of life collapsed, sank into a non-existence, but still continues to exist, but only without fire, without rhythm, without breath. Regeneration is required. But to regenerate, it is necessary to die. Everything that was in a point And will die, will stop existence in a new point In, but it does not mean that this point was not. The piece will connect them and in too time will make them separate.
These points are stages of experiences, transformations. Each stage assumes a possibility of “release“. To be released it is necessary to win against fear. Only from the person, this victory depends only on him. Initial idea of a certain condition of release Indians who were rather religious had
. They found a condition of release in achievement of a perfect condition of Buddha movable by love and compassion to them and directing the efforts to the highest perfection, to pure light. Only with big enthusiasm, with a wish of good and pleasure it is possible to seize the imperceptible moment of vision of pure light and to remain in it is mute.
life Fire, passion of life, love - life, love for God, kindness and sincerity, belief... all this reunites again and we hear a beating, then a rhythm. and here it is the birth again... we revived! The condition of spirit defines a way.

P. S. The death is fading of light of a lamp in dawn beams, but not fading of the sun. R. Tagore

With love, your DS