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How “Buratino“ affected your salary?

Each person since the birth is surrounded a set of fairy tales thanks to which there are first children`s impressions, favourite and unloved characters or plots appear. Sometimes ourselves do not notice how deeply fairy tales get into our subconsciousness, forming the vital scenario of destiny … Many psychologists say

for a long time that fairy tales considerably influence mentality of the child. The kid grows, reads books, watches animated cartoons, reacts emotionally to this or that situation, and subconsciousness writes down the obtained information meanwhile. As a result of people grows and cannot understand, for example, why the poor student from the last school desk goes by an abrupt wheelbarrow, and he, though studied well at school - by the subway … It appears, fairy tales are guilty of everything!

At the children who were born in times of the USSR, one of the most favourite fairy tales in which there was a speech about money was “Buratino`s Adventures“. In this fairy tale there are a lot of characters, each of which created millions of human scenarios concerning professional activity. Let`s consider the brightest of them.

Father Carlo . People of this kind master some one profession, they are so-called handicraftsmen. Money they earn a little, but at the same time very much love the work and, in principle, despite everything, trust in good and kind.

Karabas - Barabas . In the fairy tale it is the villain having big money. But if to look at it through a prism of life is an ordinary employer, the chief of some organization who uses quite well-known principle of “carrot and stick“ in the management. It cannot just be good because differently it will not be listened and done as he considers it necessary.

Duremar . Such people too not bad earn, they only do it by deception or theft. Conscience usually does not torment them about it therefore in principle in spite of the fact that they are condemned by other people, they feel comfortable. They accept such state of affairs.

Kot Basilio and Lisa Alice . It “homeless pilferers“. Money at them also quickly disappears, as well as appears. Such people love risk, an easy money, gamblings. In a word, they are the playboys which are not reflecting on tomorrow. However with them it can be very cheerful. And him such life is pleasant.

Malvina . Such people usually very well study at school. They love in all an order, like to philosophize at the slightest pretext, showing the numerous knowledge in different areas. And here to apply the knowledge independently to earn money, they cannot. Therefore work or for “Karabas - Barabasa“, at the same time they are very responsible and executive employees, or do not work in general if can afford it.

Piero . These are people of creativity. And that says it all. The main thing for them - not money, and a muse. They fly in clouds, live in the thought-up worlds, are depressed. There is an option that their talent will be noticed some “by Karabas - Barabas“ which will organize their creative activity and will earn from it the quite good capital.

Artemon . This type of people, without possessing special mental capacities and knowledge, moves itself to lives force and a pressure. They have no a lot of money, but their earnings are stable. They self-confident and happy with.

Buratino . This is the most interesting character. In - the first, such people - idlers. But if to consider that laziness - the progress engine, then is rather a merit of the person, than negative. To work as everything, they do not want, but dream of that money like water was spended from the sky, well or grew on a monetary tree. However they quickly understand that they free cheese - only in a mousetrap, but at the same time do not give up, continuing to work brains and to think out something. Such people very bright and if something is wanted, then they have a mass of ways to achieve the. Remember how Buratino, without having money, all - got on a performance to theater.

Besides, “Buratina“ possess an independent way of thinking. For them there are no rules, they think out them. And the most important dignity of such people is an inquisitiveness. If to speak images, then they at all have “a long nose“ which they stick where does not follow. But exactly thanks to it, these people know what is not known to others. However if these people had only knowledge, then they could be carried in the category “Malvin“, but … in the course of search they find “a gold key“. For each person it is individual - it is their personal formula of success. And possessing this secret, such people become leaders - heads of a new sample.

And now each of you has to meet the destiny face to face and admit to himself on what of these scenarios it plays in own life. If you accept your character and your financial position, then leave everything as is. And if is not present … that is not a problem. If to trust skazkoterapevta, then any vital scenario can be rewritten and changed what is not pleasant to more suitable option.