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The player`s secrets or What knows pokeroman? Something new Is always terrible to begin

. Behind each novel business there are nuances, the reefs which like to put the beginner vprosak lie. And if it is game moreover and hazardous, such as poker, experience in which can be got only in process, here not to do without bruises and cones.

To master rules, to learn combinations is one, and to seize game art - absolutely another. But all of us - will try and we will try to understand what secrets at this fascinating occupation are.

The first that advises inveterate players - professionals are an attentiveness. Always be on the alert and even if on hands a strong combination, you can be confused. There are different styles of game in poker: someone plays carefully, someone is chaotic and aggressive, and someone is weakened. With the player of the weakened style are also recommended to begin party. The others should be avoided so far.

The second: if there are no necessary cards or the suitable combination is not gathered, then better at once throw off. You should not rely on ubiquitous perhaps, money can be at stake. The following governed - always watch counters. Watch players and their account, otherwise you are unseated at a table. It is better to begin game with that who has less counters, than at you. It is so more convenient to control game and you will feel more surely.

Be punctual, you do not hurry. Game always follows a table clockwise, just wait for the turn. Observe. You will be vulnerable if you take the first position at a table. As, without seeing cards, the first should stake, setting the game course. If the ace dropped out, you should not rejoice ahead of time. Yes, it is the strong card, but only together with another the same color has some or too an ace. Do not leave combinations before flopy: couples (two identical cards), two cards with the image (the king and a jack, the lady and an ace) or combinations from which combinations of the street or a flash can turn out (different cards in size, but one color).

An easy hand - huge plus. Begin to play in an aggressive manner, stake above. But at such manner be vigilant, watch you too. Such game is favorable, it is better to raise the stakes, than to constantly equalize them.

Superstition in poker - not the best partner. Often many under the influence of the previous success rely on signs: the favourite ring or the blonde nearby, but, unfortunately, it does not work. Under the influence of vague symbols the player distracts and does not understand a real situation. You study on errors of others, analyze a situation, and it will bear fruit.

Well and, at last, bluff! In poker such art of deception brings the results, but only knowing the business. You do not hurry to bluff, the skilled player at once will get to the core of you, a few skills in this case are better to be gained and only then to attack. If the opponent overestimates a rate, at the same time being nearby or on the dealer`s counter, most likely, on hands he has no strong card. Raise its rate for the considerable sum, and there is a chance that you get to the core of it.

Patience, patience and once again patience! To do the course, without having thought - the most widespread mistake of beginners. Before making the decision, remember what staked as opponents behaved. Also you remember: game is a risk, and it is necessary to risk to be able too.

Good luck, big and small victories!