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What is the professional self-determination? youth at the crossroads - a plot of

History first: youth at the crossroads.

I sympathize with today`s youth, because, that I remember how it was heavy to me as there are a lot of doubts that you know who you are and what you that it will turn out and that it is necessary for you. In what it is possible to achieve success and it will be possible to have the desirable income. I sympathize because now it is more difficult to foresee the future which happens in 5 - 10 years, it is more difficult to count future labor market tendencies. Because, so it is not enough what it is possible to lean on, at this turning point. we Will look at
what points of support are offered to the graduate by the outside world. First of all, it is parents. Then the professional orientation centers, Open Days, courses - that is, adults - the world of adults. whether
the teenager Has a trust to the adult? Whether the young man or the girl of that life which there lead his (her) parents wants? Alas, very often the answer - is not present, and sometimes and categorical is not present. Why? Perhaps immemorial question of change of values, desperate attempts of adults to direct and change offsprings meet maximalism, belief in the future, absolutely fantastic, magic, unlike parents, which happens, secretly dreamed by children. And here children or follow the tastes of parents when there is no internal resource any more to make the decision, or categorically “from the return“. Both that, and another has sad examples because in the first case the graduate loses himself, and in the second refuses parental experience and depreciates it.
I Remember the girlfriend Veronika according to the decision of mother studying in shipbuilding as she sobbed during sessions in unequal fights with study of the strength of materials. The girl who wrote verses and was the purest humanist. After the termination of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, she with shudder forgot about these five years` tortures and went to other profession.
A peers? Of course, what psychologists call a reference group, that is people whose opinion is important for the graduate are peers or the senior friends. The temptation is big “to gain independence“ small groups, to go there where there is a friend. And, even if the friend shows confidence in the decision, often there is a situation when the blind person conducts the blind person because ideas of reality are not supported with experience and knowledge, salt pood, so to speak. I Remember
how I chose a profession, I chose not a profession - an image of the future and lifestyle. Really, providing trainings with 16 - 20 summer pupils, I was convinced that in youth there is a desirable way of life which is followed by different “stuffing“: travel, status, power, by cars, family, special house, creativity, freedom and so forth. However, the teenager often does not see steps to this future. There is he(she) now, and there is desirable life, and between them?
were well built Earlier so-called social elevators which accurately and step by step (honor to within a year) showed what efforts, where it is necessary to put to achieve result. There are no such elevators now, or they are not visible. And there are many children in confusion, before need to accept reality and to moderate ambitions. And only it is worth helping them to build competently steps and to support. If I wrote
the charter of the graduate, I would write it so:

Trust the interests and desires. In a profession there will pass years and decades not to burn out, have satisfaction - spend the life for the fact that it is interesting to you. Let interests will specify to you the general direction.

Make idea of yourself. Often our neurodynamic organization and structure of intelligence, together with inclinations define more our success, than our efforts. Do not try to be not yourself. Use strengths and compensate weak. Let the knowledge of the features will help you to determine work type, the schedule, intensity and type of loadings and so forth by

Use all external resources - opinion of parents, trainings, consultations of the psychologist, opinion of friends. Do not depreciate and do not lean completely. Use any support of relatives at this moment.

Begin in good time. There is S - a figurative curve of development which is used very often. Its essence that at the first stage it is necessary to enclose long and many energy and efforts in business until at the second stage intensive growth begins. The secret is in beginning the following business, previous is not finished yet. If there is an opportunity to try, studying at school - try!!! Sometimes appeal of work changes even after a month of daily work.

Get advice at the expert, forecasts for development of labor market and a professional demand. Sometimes many things are predicted even from a demographic situation known for all. It is possible to make the way also at the high competition in a profession, but there are in advance advantageous and losing areas.

Grant to yourself the right to change. There is a strong wish to choose one business once and for all, but sometimes so it is impossible. Having reduced tension from globality of the choice, it is possible to make it more adequately.

And still I very much rejoice because today`s graduates form also my future! Welcome, to the world of adults.