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What is the professional self-determination? preamble of

That such professional self-determination? As far as it is valid “itself -“ and how “is certain“?
Is elections on which the direction of our further life, and the choice of the professional movement one of the most important depends.
Each of us intuitively understands that for it happiness, and, despite our uniqueness, almost at all is included into it a professional solvency and success, self-realization and high value of the work. Work defines our activity and our lifestyle - beginning from the income, and, finishing with the schedule.
the Choice in itself already causes a lot of tension, fears. What to apply for? What I will cope with? What do I want? What to do if everything is equally interesting to me? Or everything equally is not interesting? If I am not ready to choose, and time approached and here now, or the moment will leave? I Remember
how about 10 years ago when my husband flew to business trip to London, I asked it to bring to me a handbag. My desired expectation broke against three walls covered with ladies` bags which caused a fatal stupor in my husband and … he bought circles which got to it at the airport.
As is frequent and I wanted to give up at the heaviest moment and not to choose when I understood what depends on this decision too much. 18 years ago I arrived in hydrometeorological because - for certain, in medical because the hope was not, but there was a strong wish. And went to study in aktyorsko - a director`s workshop Z. Ya. Korogodsky, following will of mother who considered the daughter talented and teachers unanimously called me by a nugget. Here it here “self-determination“ happened at me after school.
In 2,5 years, I, having left an aktyorstvo, again it was forced to choose, and this time I chose itself, honestly looking at myself and at the world. I chose psychology with which I live 14 years in love and a consent.
Professional self-determination does not come to an end in a point of choice of profession with the yesterday`s school student. If I tried to allocate to
the most important points, I would designate two more - training crisis (averages - older years of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS and SUZOV) and crisis of a plateau (35 - 40 years). It is obvious that on the way of professional development of crises it is much more (crisis of the young specialist and crisis of retirement, etc.) but the most decisive the choice in these three points - school - HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION - work, a plateau seems to me.
Ya is convinced that there is no stabler source of happiness and satisfaction, than favourite business. The other day met the colleague from the center of career guidance, we discuss crises of professional development in adults.
the Colleague complains supposedly declare a professional crisis subject, and then it becomes clear - in a family everything not too well, with children and in principle. I listen to the colleague who believes that behind professional crisis people hide family problems, and itself I think, everything in the person is connected. That it is difficult to divide the person into psychological fillet and soup - a set, the person - is uniform. And in my opinion, if there is no satisfaction from business, then this dissatisfaction, and feeling of an otioseness, not clear languor and a hopelessness accrues in the person and poisons him entirely. I believe
Ya in calling, and that everyone has an opportunity to find the business of life. As Makartur speaks: “In life there are no guarantees, there are only opportunities.“