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Service in army. And it is necessary to you?

of Missile defense conscription service to armies were not written, probably, only by the one who does not write in general. Reflections about advantage and harm of conscription service, angry letters - protests of parents, tearful complaints of recruits, muffled responses “fathers - commanders“. In what only genres army everyday life is not described. And I wanted not just to share the impressions of service, but also to answer a question whether it is necessary to each recruit.

My kitchen dress
Ya passed conscription service when the army still was called Soviet. Called me in November, 1978, and got demobilize at the end of October, 1980. It was necessary to serve in Primorye, in the city of Ussuriysk. My battalion provided with communication a Guards aviation division. In days of Patriotic war the squadron “Normandy Neman“ was a part of our division. Who read “Little Prince“ that “is aware“ that the author of this remarkable work, the Frenchman on a nationality Antoine Saint Eczuperi was at war against the German experts as a part of the well-known “Normandy“. So our division could brag of rich historical traditions.

My service began with a funny thing. In the first days after arrival to a teaching department when we just began to understand where we got and even in the most dreadful dream could not see yet what waits for us ahead, during morning company construction the sergeant intrigued us with the phrase about “a special task“ on which performance five volunteers are required. Already it is hard to say what moved me to be caused, but I risked and it appeared among volunteers. “The responsible task“ was a dress on kitchen where I also began acquaintance to army orders and severe reality of service.

Here I received the first army lesson. How you think what? A lesson of native Russian which to me was presented by the cook, the Azerbaijanian on a nationality. Only it is not necessary to giggle, all quite so and was. Imagine such picture: splash of the flowing water, a bryakanye of the washing ware, a rumble of the huge fan, noise of the skvorchashchy furnace. Drew to themselves “masterpiece“ of the painter of battle-pieces? And in this “cheerful“ din from the neighboring working room through a window for giving of food to me the Azerbaijanian shouts: “Give the Razvadyag!“.

Not only that to me it is badly heard cooks that I disgustingly understand his peculiar accent, so and words of it I never heard earlier. I begin to rush about convulsively on washing office, fondly believing what can will catch sight something similar, but where there … The cook already the third time shouts the mysterious phrase, becomes hysterical, I twitch from a table to a table, and sense any. In a couple of minutes the Azerbaijanian probably finally lost patience, came running in washing office, resembling, splashed to me very sensitive clip and took away the huge ladle lying at me before eyes from a table.

I had enough a lesson of it for the rest of life. I remembered well that known to me since the childhood kitchen “tool“ which was called “serving spoon“ at our place appears, has such interesting name - “razvodyag“. And the food in army kitchen is not distributed, and “parted“.

It. In two years of conscription service I happened to learn much, to pass through a lot of things. We had “hazing“ and not absolutely adequate commanders, there were divisional doctrines and continuous stay on alert, there were absence without leave and even “vacation“ on a garrison guardroom. It was necessary to make business trips and to participate in exercises of “blue berets“, to leave on firing practice and to build caponiers, to make the way on underground passages of the spare command post and “to give communication“ during army doctrines.

A lot of things was. But the main thing that I took out from army life, this understanding that army - real, incomparable, Life. My relation to service in army remained invariable from that day when I took off an army single-breasted coat with blue shoulder straps and put on a civil shirt, so far. I am confident that the army does of yesterday`s boys of today`s men.

In spite of the fact that in army for you the commander thinks, and your business - to execute the order and to work according to the Charter, the military service learns to make independent decisions and not to fear to be responsible for the acts. In youth when our judgments are more categorical, I directly declared that the one who did not do military service - cannot be called a man.

Now when I have behind shoulders years, I say that the service was for me good life experience, and I do not regret at all that I passed such training. I do not doubt, there will be opponents who will not agree with me who considers that the army cripples mentality and stultifies, but I passed this severe school of men and I have the moral right to be called the Defender Otechestva (and, not only for February 23). I know about it firsthand, not from the neighbor in giving. Therefore, with confidence I say that the service in army is necessary to boys who want to become men.