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My dear debtor?


World ladder of losers.

you categorically do not accept your place on a world ladder “losers?
Apprx. Let`s try to uchudit “the second coming personally you“ as great citizen!
we Will try to turn, despite everything, back a fate wheel. “To twirl Earth back“ - as in Vysotsky`s song.
it is necessary to Clamber! And to clamber upward with my help, by means of one of the best collectors in the world! I am the best because I want to help you, and only, to you! Personally to you. Also it is necessary to stand, not to sit, to run on the place, and to clamber.
Stop to bluff with yourself and then everything will turn out!
the World was already tired of waiting for you! Begin
with legs and when also handles when also a marigold when also teeth to cling to the sloping steps greased with fat … Not to feel sorry for a marigold yes teeth - as them do not feel sorry for the same who having clenched teeth, thinking of the future of the family, of themselves as Persons, close the credits and percent on them “through I cannot“. To creep upward - despite everything and without looking down, in the past. not to look for
guilty, enemies external and “internal“ - to themselves are guilty (nobody forced to write so dullly “own credit history“. Only. Not to cry with pity to itself - nobody will not begin to wipe slyozk. Not to remember neighbors, relatives, line (which confused!), a devil (the devil take him!) - these are entertainments pioneer, dominoshny when already absolutely there is nothing to do … for
It is difficult? And someone promised what will be easy? You knew rules of the game!

of the Guarantee of a heppa - an enda.

I - any guarantee of a heppa - an and. Slightest. The collection agency, as well as bank, will go up to the end. If court, then collecting in an indisputable order, plus all costs for this process at your expense, as main character. I will hold back moral losses here.
What can rescue? Only action, only advance (to a step backwards), and, huge victims. For example, it is necessary to refuse a trip to Egypt or to Turkey with a family, raw smoked sausage, expensive cigarettes, a Friday bottle “white strong“. Soccer and hockey only on the TV. Concerts, at a kitchen table and too only on “box“.
Are ready we (you personally) “for the sake of a family, itself, the own advantage, the social status“ to go to such victims? (To Bor, maybe, not the most important, but the most bright examples). Or are only ready to mutter: “Traitors bankers, deception enticed into “credit networks“! Russia died! Robbery in broad daylight“? It is possible - to mutter, it is possible - to endow. “Think, decide - to have or not to have“. And what exactly “to have“ and what “not to have“. And - it is better not to offer option “have all good minus all bad“ in a sober look.
Here and all morals, - my dear debtor.
P. S. How many roads - choose any.