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Visited Riga. Interestingly. And again we will go?

In January for the first time visited Baltic, more precisely Riga. It is difficult to transfer feelings. Whole scale of mixed feelings. From “puppyish“ delight to resolute: “I will not go any more“. Such most various feelings were caused in me by the capital of Latvia.

Old Riga
All who ever visited the main town of Latvia for certain wandered about Old Riga. All can tell about the narrowest street, about the Statue of Liberty (it not in the United States), about the house of the executioner. If the guide was good, then you for certain remember places where movies about Sherlock Holmes were shot and about the Russian intelligence agent Isaev famous to us Stierlitz is more under a surname.

I visited a set of sights in Old Riga too: The Tomsk cathedral (in Latvian “House“ is a cathedral, here and “The cathedral cathedral“ turns out), the House Black-headed with the image of the chopped-off head of the Black, examined “Three brothers“, listened to history of these three buildings, learned why they such interesting on architecture. I happened to pass through gate to Sweden and to be photographed near the house of the last Riga executioner.

The guide accompanying us in a campaign across Old Riga the girl by the name of Galya, very much loves the city and knows about it so many that everything could not be remembered for once. She spent us in all memorable places including on streets where the Soviet movies in which Riga represented the cities of the “bourgeois“ abroad were shot. Learned a lot of new not only about the capital of Latvia, but also about Peter I who not once was in this European Hanseatic city.

I went down to cellars of the 12th century which were incidentally found at repair work, are completely restored and open for visit. The interesting fact, is not just museum piece today, it is the operating restaurant at which the situation of the 12th century is completely kept. Examined the House of cats and Saint Pyotr`s Church, the National opera and Yakovlevsky barracks, the remains of a fortification and the Powder tower. Information on all these sights and history of Riga filled to the brim a cranium.

Old Riga is a place where there is a wish to wander about small streets of the Middle Ages, absorbing their spirit, listening to rustles, imagining itself Liflyandiya`s inhabitant. To abstract from the present, without noticing neon signs and cars, in Old Riga it is not difficult at all. Especially if to come into one of the narrow yards in which not any car can stop by.

What Riga disappointed with
Reading my description of the Riga excursion, you ask and in what a dirty trick? Why at the beginning of article such inconsistent statements?

Since the childhood having had heard plenty about the Riga sights, could never think that Old Riga which kept a lot of history will be such small district of the city which to bypass two and a half hours were enough. I can and length of the historical area about a kilometer, and width - about 600 meters is not right in the categoriality, but. It was for me strong disappointment, it was expected much bigger.

Somehow felt deceived when, having had heard plenty of recommendations on bus station, ran on the excursion bus which plies across Old Riga, but ran “on a working flat out“ this place and in a few minutes it appeared on other region of the area near the Statue of Liberty. When, the Rigan passing by, explained that I passed all medieval capital in 10 - 15 minutes, I at first did not even believe. But then, having understood the card, and having met the remarkable girl Galya, I understood that here such it is Riga - tiny.

Having bypassed all area, having looked at everything, the memorable places listed in reference books, I understood that I will hardly go here again. You know, there was such children`s feeling as though showed to the child a candy, allowed to take it, to consider closer, and then selected. If I also go here again, then it is simple to wander, without listening to guides, without penetrating what building and why it is constructed, and being just dipped into the historical past of Old Riga, feeling like the person of that era when these churches and barns, cathedrals and fortifications were under construction, towers were erected and cobble-stones kept within pavements.