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Mass media: truth somewhere nearby?

All of us constantly obtain information on the reality surrounding us. We receive in the different ways: sight, sense of smell, touch … It is natural. But also we should process and pass through ourselves a huge number of information obtained from mass media, the television, radio, printing editions and, of course, the Internet are basic of which.

But whether it is worth perceiving seriously information obtained from these sources? How to separate grains from a ryegrass?

Let`s begin with the fact that information obtained from mass media concerning the same fact can be very inconsistent, it at best, and even simply distorted. Let`s not concern accessory of this or that channel of television, for example, to the certain politician or party lobbying the interests - here and so everything is clear.

Information distortion - a logical consequence of the fact that it is the subjective, expressing the personal relation author to a question, and therefore not always reliable. The similar situation is traced practically in any source of information and conducts to what to the consumer, is conscious or not, a certain view of a problem is imposed. It, in turn, leads to formation of the wrong orientation in world around and to incorrect situation in it that especially harmful affects unstable mentality of teenagers, and at worst leads to formation of stereotypic, dependent thinking.

Is the most striking example of such phenomenon ended at the end of 80 - x cold war between the Soviet Union and the USA: even after disintegration of the Union in the American movies Russians drink vodka on brudershaft with bears and sing “Kalinka-Malinka“, and at most of our fellow citizens before removal of “Iron Curtain“ the typical American was associated with a horse and a colt.

It if is global. And if to look at it in relation to everyday life, then we face similar unreliable information constantly: the medical websites with the councils of medicines advanced by producers; the newspaper articles dazzling with headings with in advance false information, urged to draw only attention and to increase circulation; the scandalous revelations on the air with in advance prepared material urged “to convict“ the unnecessary person; various psychological articles and the websites on the Internet in which the brightened-up gurus teach the unreasonable fellows, without having even psychological education and so forth and so forth...

I know one such psychologist, by the way: the person provides trainings with the conditional name “How to Become Happy in Love“, itself being not for the first time divorced and at present not having even girlfriends. Here and this article which you read now is never written by the person, even not working in mass media and so confidently arguing about it! And some read and trust to each word! Even scientifically - the informative literature which is available on Internet open spaces sometimes distorts the facts absolutely shamelessly: I personally repeatedly faced that dates of birth / death of certain people, and not some dense century B.C., and our contemporaries are incorrectly specified.

To that let`s not to forget plus that all mass media are not only a source to information, but also PR - the ground where in sauce of scientific, educational and other promotion advertizing moves. The facts which are used at the same time as proof of fidelity of statements can be in advance false or unchecked, the true purpose here - to sell the advertized goods.

Mass media - an inexhaustible source of entertainments. Consumption of entertainments without analysis and in unlimited number can lead to substitution of true values, up to depreciation of the most human life, to replacement of values of the specific person with the standard standard models, formation of the same stereotypic thinking … And can not bring. Finally everything depends on what to consume and as.

So, the only option to be closed in “shell“ - I see nobody, I hear nobody? Of course, no. We need obtaining new information, and this requirement, as well as any, peculiar to the person by nature, has to be satisfied! Just let`s observe at the choice of the obtained information several simple rules :

Seriously to treat only objective information - not to believe everyone who tries to tell us something, and to recheck information in several different sources, to systematize it and to allocate really the facts, but not opinions, for them outstanding. And if and to listen to someone`s opinion, then after you listen to other, excellent points of view.

not to listen in a row to all and - to learn everyone who tells something similar to the truth about the authors more: who is he, its achievements, degree of competence of this question etc., and only on the basis of the obtained information to make the decision whether it is worth trusting it further.

not to consume not under any circumstances everything that contains at least the embedded advertizing - in most cases the facts are distorted to please to the advertized product.

to be reserved in consumption of entertainments because they take away us from the real world to the world illusory, generating in us values unnecessary and unusual for each specific person and aspirations - the general for all, standard, forcing to forget thereby the - the true, unique nature of soul.

of Objective and useful information to you!