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Housing of the future or What is the ecohouse?

the House are the house. It is a roof, the base, walls, windows. In total as usual, but if this word gets the eko prefix fashionable now, there is a question: “What for fruit such this ecohouse?“. Actually the answer is very simple. This same dwelling, but is constructed and equipped it from the point of view of a healthy lifestyle, resource-saving technologies and does not cause damage to environment.

Such structure represents the whole system which works independently and does not depend on external power sources. The house has power - and water supply, provides full processing and utilization of household waste. Solar and wind energy which constantly collects and is evenly distributed is used. Heating of such place will be provided at the expense of solar batteries. At the same time excess of energy will collect in special accumulators. The architectural concept and planning of the building is important. Thanks to a special design effective distribution of heat on all perimeter of the house is created.

Household waste is eliminated at the expense of the simple bioreactor where they turn into fertilizers. But there is more to come. At construction of the ecohouse only environmentally friendly materials are used. By means of them fine thermal insulation, ventilation and air exchange is provided, and they are without doing harm to the nature. The best material for construction of the ecohouse - a tree though there are concrete use options by method of continuous molding, foam concrete, a gas concrete. But nevertheless they do not meet the declared requirements, and their environmental friendliness appears under doubt.

Providing such unique housing with water - a separate task. Here much attention is paid to technical providing. Water collects at the expense of an atmospheric precipitation, condensate, clarification of household drains and artesian sources. Today there are already engineering designs of such mechanisms.

Not only the structure where it is possible to live enters the concept “ecohouse“. Here also a personal plot, constructions in the yard, a kitchen garden and a garden, the place of accumulation of water and a recreation area belong. The fertilizers received from processing of waste are used for increase of fertility and receiving environmentally friendly agricultural products. It can be cultivation of compost cultures and organic agriculture. Pesticides and chemicals in this case are inadmissible. The site has to increase the ecological potential naturally.

The ecohouse has a set of pluses . Independence of the prices of energy resources, housing and communal services, housing and food is found. Such construction will provide a better standard of living and health of the person. Harm to environment that actually now, is not put. Welfare of the nature only increases.

But, unfortunately, ecohouses are inaccessible where the nature cannot provide with sufficient solar energy. However progress does not stand still and there is a wish to believe that there will be technologies by means of which it will be possible to use not only a solar heat, but also cold.