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How to win against neighbors? To kill Pianinshchik of

How to answer a question: “And neighbors make the life of you miserable?“. I can make this number: the story about the neighbors from above who are making the life mine miserable. However, poisoning - it is strongly told. Neighbors bring discomfort in surrounding space, and it is not pleasant to me.

So left that where I lived, the apartment over my housing always was removable, that is not owners, but temporary inhabitants lived there. While we lived in the small one-room apartment in the panel house - over us there were fights eternally, boozes hooted, spouses fought at night and children cried. Then we moved to the big apartment in the solid house. But also there over us owners leased housing: from above a set of legs stamped, student`s parties only gained by 23 o`clock steam. Once me buzz in kitchen exhausted the whole month - it appears, residents from above established an aquarium from which compressor vibrated so strongly that disturbed and living under me. We with the husband rose upward, got acquainted, asked not to rustle. In the middle of one party at 12 o`clock in the morning even neighbors had to disconnect electricity in a guard. Agreed as were able, in a word. Unfortunately, under laws of the Novosibirsk region, it is possible to rustle, since 6 o`clock in the morning, and to 23 o`clock in the evening.

But all Pianinshchik surpassed. At first the shy blows to keys heard from a ceiling especially did not confuse us. In a month the husband faced on a ladder six loaders lifting to the apartment over us a grand piano. Such small, room.

- Not to good it, - the husband philosophically noticed.

From this point our life … not to tell that turned into hell. I do not think that in hell so long and so loudly play grand piano. It, speak, in paradise all play on what got, and sing continuously psalms so more likely on our family the doubtful grace condescended.

I forgot to mention that my husband has no music education. Sometimes, very much, being false, and having accepted on a breast superfluous, he sings under a karaoke the song “Sunflower seeds a glass“. With me the situation is worse: I was expelled from the fourth class of music school. Parents honestly tried to give me music education, I resisted as could: spent year at preparatory school, then three and a half years studied (without being able to write any dictation on solfeggio and hating a piano with all the heart). The result is natural. Certainly, exactly over our apartment Pianinshchik, together with the electropiano and a room grand piano built a nest.

The grand piano began to play 8 o`clock in the morning. Scales, warm-up, then something from the movie “Seventeen Moments of Spring“, and so around. In the afternoon the grand piano rattled to the full extent, fighting appetite off the husband who arrived for lunch - it the girl Pianinshchika, Galya prepared for the scheduled concert. In the evening, having come from work at nine o`clock in the evening, Pianinshchik again (I suspect, without having had supper), sat down to the tool. In the evenings, probably, the charter in a day at work, the musician worked equipment. Whether it is necessary to tell how painful was to listen to its outbursts at ten o`clock in the evening, putting to bed children. At grand pianos, probably, absolutely other acoustics because, during especially loud roulades, I children - that actually, also did not hear not that I could put them to bed. During week-end Pianinshchik was given on will to inspiration and clattered continuously so about a day dream of children and matrimonial sex it was possible to forget.

For the first time I honestly rose, called a door and explained a situation: husband, I, music school, small children, good audibility and time frames. I even tried to improve good-neighbourhood and got acquainted with the neighbor, the lanky red young man, the owner of a room grand piano.

- Eduardy, - was presented he, and I even started to respect him a little: such rare name, such love to music. And ““ as bashes out on pianina not that I who is driven out from a muzykalka. Really intelligent person, and I disturb him, I tear off from the fine appointments to music which are carried out at me over the head.

For the second time when the thunder of keys of a grand piano is closer by the night it became absolutely intolerable, I rose upward, and, with surprise catching at myself in a voice of intonation of the market dealer, asked to play more quietly as in the apartment there would be no corner left where I with children could hide from a grand piano thunder. Eduardy told that it at me a whim, at all he does not disturb me, and he should work. And in general, it at home will also do everything that will consider necessary in the hours determined by the law. Having designated, thus, the hard line, it closed before me a door.

Then I decided what put in me, everything is connected with the childhood, and it is time to work on itself: to begin to love classical music, a grand piano and when prevent to write such here articles. I even paid two unplanned visits to the psychoanalyst. Meanwhile the husband frankly raged, threatened me to file a lawsuit on Pianinshchika or even to kill him.

- Why to kill, - I persuaded blessed, - just let`s cripple him, we will break hands and fingers that never played any more. And to deprive of life - a great sin.

From this talk which, thank God, was carried on seldom and not at children, probably, it is clear what degree was reached by discontent with the events, our with the husband, at us over the head. Though is not present, children too which - that heard and understood: when the husband in kitchen sharpened knives, the three-year-old son approached and asked: “The father, you what, you want to kill Pianinshchika?“ And the neighbor continued to practise with an enviable regularity and enthusiasm. Sometimes, listening to my plaints or blows to the battery, he changed for an electropiano and put on earphones. Then the sound abated, but for a long time dinned in the ears.

The father and two best friends who confirmed that it is impossible to enjoy a room grand piano at me in the apartment were invited to a consultation. In sense, the scales played room grand piano.

Within half a year I tried the mass of ways to influence the grand piano sounds which are distributed from above:

- to knock on the battery;

- to bypass neighbors and to collect their complaints;

- to establish columns from the audio system “in a ceiling“ and to include the music (I offered Egor Letov and Rammstein, the husband included “Accident“ and “Ivan - the High“);

- to write the neighbor from above compassionate SMS of type: stop to play, I do not hear the TV (I want to sleep, I stack children, the husband has a Birthday, I do not take out music);

Eduardy kept as the rock, advised me and to my husband to fall in love with classical music, explained that he has to be engaged because it at my husband a nonsense - intolerance of sounds of a grand piano from above. I could not understand in any way why lawful rest of my husband after work is a whim, and to thrash on grand piano keys at eight o`clock in the morning in an inhabited apartment house - lawful need.

Somehow in revival Pianinshchik arranged a concert at home. Judging by sounds, came the person twenty, heels from above clinked, played a grand piano, an applause rattled, the opera man`s voice executed something very classical. We did not sustain, dressed children, and went for a walk, despite a twenty-degree frost on the street.

The call senior on an entrance did not yield visible results: “Agree“, - she told, - “That I can?“. No rules of conduct of neighbors established by laws were provided, this mechanism is not registered in our country in any way.

We did not reach the local police officer.

Farther there were such fantasy thoughts how to rent apartment over Pianinshchik and to flood it. The grand piano will get wet, and will not play. Unfortunately, the idea of development did not get and did not meet support.

I remembered V. I. Lenin`s sayings: “To live in society and to be free from society it is impossible“ and began to consider options of publications in the native newspaper of spiteful articles about Pianinshchika as poll: “What you want to make with neighbors who play the piano at you over the head“. Eduardy, probably, of Lenin did not read. (I did not read too, just mother to me many times quoted this its phrase).

The thunder burst at Birthday Pianinshchika: he got up early in the morning, sat down at a grand piano and played. Loudly so, stridently and persistently. On hours there were 8 o`clock in the morning. Children woke up. This act the musician deprived of me lawful matrimonial sex. Too deprived of the husband therefore the husband called him and stated everything that collected (till this minute the husband diligently avoided negotiations). I do not think that all would like to hear those words in Day of the Birth that the husband cried out Pianinshchika. War was officially declared.

I sat down to the computer and learned about Pianinshchika everything, including school from which he graduated, and a name of his teacher on a grand piano. Names Eduardy, you see is not much. On closer examination, Eduardy was allocated with a banal surname Tugonogov, it is from the settlement of the city type located nearby and the programmer by profession. Draft to fine at this young man was so big that, working on the main specialty, to a grand piano he could drop only at that time which was not at work. It also was, certainly, 8 o`clock in the morning, 10 o`clock in the evening, and all days off.

Next day I already knew forty rather lawful ways to spoil Pianinshchika life. It is possible to stick on the region of the announcement from a photo Pianinshchika, to descend to it for work … The girlfriend who found on Internet open spaces for precedent in the Moscow court joined my search: juristlib. ru/book_4730. html. To responsible awarded moral damage and installation of sound insulation. Means, our business is not hopeless! Still the girlfriend found a sample of the letter which angered neighbors was written to the fan of a chanson in a network and hung up at an entrance: radikal. ru/i198/1103/75/f4ba2f91014c. jpg. Besides, senior on an entrance everything is gave me help: called the owner of the apartment which was not Pianinshchik, but his grandfather at all. We reached by phone to Pianinshchikovy mother and threatened with court. Mother promised to take in hand and soundproof the sonny space.

Between daily affairs in my head thoughts of what Pianinshchika has to be is a pity began to be born: it both not the programmer, and not the pianist. To achieve success - it is necessary to concentrate on one thing. It is how good as the programmer? And as far as he will succeed in the hobby if to play has an opportunity only early in the morning or late at night, in addition, having caught such neighbors as we.

After a call to the musician`s mother sounds from a ceiling abated. And Pianinshchik for the first time went for negotiations: came on a visit to listen to me whether it is really so strongly heard and to discuss time them with Galya of musical occupations. We have a talk, having decided not to make the life each other miserable. In conclusion I showed to the neighbor of all the cats, and Pianinshchik admitted that he has on them an allergy, and it is strange why he still did not begin to cough. I told that I just well clean up. Next day Pianinshchik invited on a visit our family. I took children and went, and the husband went to bed:

- If you talk, then nobody will definitely play, - he told and instantly fell asleep.

On a visit it became clear that Galya works as the accompanist for the choreographer with whom my daughter is engaged, just I did not get accustomed to a fragile figure for a piano. It baked a cake very tasty too, and they with Eduardy very much worried how there will take place visit. They represented our family concourse of the monsters knocking on the battery from rustle of the steps from above hating music, painting and eating for a dessert crude meat of the innocent Pianinshchikov.

Generally to what I write all this: all of us are people and anybody has no evil intention against each other. War - it is always easier, than the difficult world, arrangements and compromises. So we are arranged. But active opposition is not that atmosphere in which children have to grow and sound music. Let`s learn to agree with each other.