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The moment when you lost the life of

Is certain conditions, satisfying which, you will live the life happily and fully. In the same way there are certain conditions under which you with guarantee will live the life in depressions, doubts and fears. It depends not on it and a large number of factors, it is enough to pay attention to some things. But the majority of us of it do not do. Also there is it because they are busy with process of accommodation of life. Routine which extends day by day. Minor nonsense on which so many forces, energy and time leave that resources are not enough for anything another. Remember how many desires you had in 10 years! Remember how you had no time to do nothing. You could not wait for the next day again to receive something interesting from this world. Where all this got to? Where that passion, where that inspiration? Where those emotions?

Occurs here that: after a while in something you were upset. Something ceased met your expectations. On something you burned, and made a mistake on something. Someone told you: “Be not naive, in life another is more important absolutely“ and you listened. And all. Your identity was dissolved. Your uniqueness was crushed. Can do it someone made specially, and there can be you threw out it on a garbage can.

And at this moment you lost the life . You became other person.

And many people take it for granted or even worse, - as inevitable.

But life - absolutely not that we are obliged to do every day. Every day everything gives us chance to change. To find all that is in us and to use it for 100%. To find the mission and to follow the heart. To find the place in this world. To define that unique way of interaction in surrounding people and to fill the life with sense. And all further time we will work on it.

Most likely you will begin to nod and assent to me in reply.

“Yes, of course, I want to change something in the life!“
“Of course, me would be desirable to grow thin!“
“Naturally, I want to bring freshness in my relations! and precisely I want to earn with“
“More money!“

All of us have Napoleonic plans in the head. Each of us has the most intimate desires. But a little who has a working plan! And reality fortunately, or unfortunately, such is that it is not enough one hope or good luck in order that all this was carried out. Otherwise all of us would be tightened, healthy, rich, happy and happy long ago! All people would have ideal relations and in the world there would be no problems at all. But in life all absolutely not so! In practice some of us have all this only. And in a percentage ratio of such people no more than 10%! Only one person from ten. Ten people from hundred.

And these people the fact that they not only aim at the results distinguishes from all others, but also work so that these results were carried out. And the fact that you still not one of these people says that you not absolutely correctly act. Or you stay idle!

Such things as scepticism, pessimism kill our life. And if you tell me “Yes, all this clearly. I just am afraid of a dirty trick. I am careful“ - you are afraid! Call things by their proper names. Of whom do you hesitate? Admit to yourself that you are afraid! Admit to yourself that you are not sure! You will not deceive yourself. Continue to do it further and you grow up in yourself worms of doubt who will eat you ruthlessly and inevitably.

You are afraid! Because you already in the past similar tried something and at you it did not turn out. In your memory, in your subconsciousness this scary word “it did not turn out“ was postponed. And all. Further you do not move. Before you the blank wall on which it is written “Stop! Further the course is not present. Will not happen next“. And what occurs after that? There are certain things. You continue to live according to silly own beliefs. And you lower hands to try again. Everything, you buried the dream! You lost the life! From time to time it will dream you, but will bring these only pain and feeling of disappointment.

And to cross out all this a red marker to leave all this in the past, you need the thought-over, reliable and working plan. And again to find that life which you lost it is necessary to start its creation right now! At this stage you can also have a certain scepticism. Also you know that? So usually also occurs! But you need to understand one very simple thing. It is about your life. We say now about how and as whom you will live the next year. And the next 5 and 10 years depend too on that decision which you will make now! It is similar to travel. And any travel begins with the first step. Even if the small, shy and uncertain, but executed first step. And the first step is a reading. And you already executed this step!

You need just to continue to take steps. You need just to continue to move. In life there are only 2 directions: or you develop, or slide down. The third is not given. And to stand still as some people think, it is impossible too. It is equivalent to slow degradation. So do not allow to be gone in vain to the efforts. Do not allow to go out to that fire which already inflamed inside. On the contrary throw firewood!

And if you attentively look around, then you will see examples of such situations in all areas of life. You will notice the losers who unexpectedly turned into successful people. You easily distinguish the people who got stuck in the results and not allowing someone to another to help them. We daily observe all this around ourselves. It is life! It is the choice! It is psychology!