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Melodrama “Four Weddings and One Funeral“. Whether it is worth waiting for true love? Whether

Are life on Mars? The science denies this fact, but we want to believe what is. Whether there is life without love? The science is powerless here, but there is a wish to believe that it is not present. Certainly, absolutely without love of people cannot live. It is possible to love mother, children, camomiles in the field, fluffy rabbits, himself beloved. At the worst, the homeland or macaroni with cheese.

But we - that talk about feeling traditional, meaning presence of the man and woman. About same also the brilliant romantic tape of Mike Newell “Four weddings and one funeral“ narrates.

… The indecisive and eternally late bachelor Charlie an interior feels that it is already time to become staid. However does not hurry to swear an oath of fidelity to separately taken woman, in many respects imitating the friends with which Charlie prefers to walk at others weddings. Among his faithful companions - the intricate person Fiona, its silly, but sincere in the simplicity, the brother Tom and the amusing pudge Scarlett. Only gays Mathew and Gareth which live together for a long time drop out of the general barchelor scheme, but Charlie does not take their relation into account.

At one of wedding parties of Charlie meets the charming American Carrie. The little flirtation in an evening develops into a rough bed exercise. Our hero, being confident in a nekolebimost of own principles, refuses to believe that one night with the stranger could turn all his life. But there passed three months, and Charlie`s thoughts still spin around Carrie and her sweet bends.

Alas while Charlie diligent mumbled and indulged in vain hopes, his darling did not linger. To Foggy Albion it went to the next trip not one, and under the handle with future husband, the haughty old man Hamish. What, by itself, brought in life of the English fight - the friend turmoil and an unhealthy dream. Having realized that happiness was so close, so possible, Charlie makes the last attempt to win heart of the overseas beauty. It is a pity only that Charlie makes all the acts either too late, or too early …

Nobody till the last moment believed that Mike Newell`s picture will become something big, than the next love story. Even the performer of a male lead, the actor Hugh Grant, could not imagine that for the next 6 years, up to 1999, “Four weddings and one funeral“ will be officially recognized by the most high grossing film of Great Britain. Subsequently this honorary title will pass from hand to hand (“A man`s striptease“, “Bridget Jones`s Diary“), however break of team of Newell and the screenwriter of the movie Richard Curtice became some kind of guiding star for the updated British cinema.

It is no secret that in many respects the success of a picture over the ocean was predetermined by participation of the American in her Andy McDowell who was advanced to become famous at other romantic movies, like “Residence permit“ with Gerard Depardieu and “Groundhog Day“ with Bill Murray (the last left in the same 1993 a month before a world premiere of “Four weddings“). On a wave of improbable success of “Groundhog Day“ the American audience willingly went on Newell`s picture especially as this import product did not assume subtitlings.

However it is wrong to attribute McDowell all merits. In total - and in the homeland of “Four weddings“ enjoyed wide popularity though Newell, Curtice and Grant`s names were not considered as star at all. All business was in extraordinary grace and charm of the scenario which stated old as the world history clear and universal language. Remembering that the good cinema can begin a wedding (“Godfather“), but not come to an end with it in any way (one trillion dull melodramas), Richard Curtice, at such number of the ceremonies declared in heading, managed to do without the stamp which stuck on teeth. His heroes, if get married, then only in the final to be released from them forever.

As advantage of a tape it is also possible to consider lack of typically American yumork and the luscious sugariness which is permanently accompanying all Hollywood melodramas. Heroes of “Four weddings“, contrary to the settled traditions, do not go through through the mill to merge in a happy kiss in the rain. The simplest, but vital circumstances become pledge of their problems. Curtice intentionally did not begin to bring any morals under Carrie and Charles`s relations or to draw conclusions from their love story. Why to fence a fence from pathos and sentimentality when the same feelings can be stated gesture, a look or series of curses in the God`s temple? This “minimalism“ helped creators of a picture. If characters also open a mouth, then their dialogues really bear semantic loading, but not just rend the air, filling holes in the scenario.

In spite of the fact that the plot of “Four weddings“ rotates around relationship Carrie (McDowell) and Charlie (Hugh Grant), their environment deserves of not less close attention. It and the somewhat eccentric rich man Tom worrying what will never meet “the simple, lovely girl to whom it will not be opposite“. It is its haughty externally, but the sister Fiona (Christine Scott Thomas) unfortunate inside, long ago and hopelessly in love with Charlie. It is a couple of “blue friends“ Mathew and Gareth with which the most sentimental and sad part of the movie opening to the viewer of an eye on the true value of true love and attachment is connected. And even “baby“ Scarlett performed by the remarkable actress Charlotte Coleman who is not, alas, any more with us.

All this series of amusing, touching, living characters (we will not forget also the old friend Richard Curtice - Rowan Atkinson (“Mr. Bean“) - played the clumsy in a tape - the priest) turn a picture into lovely, charming buffoonery. Without songs and dancings, without buffoonery, without strained jokes. All these people desperately are waiting in the wings and, according to final credits under the song of sir Elton John, find happiness. Everyone - the.

So brilliant performance could not take place unnoticed. After successful hire of “Four weddings“ of authors and participants snatched away as hot pies. Hugh Grant and John Hanna (Mathew) were grabbed by Hollywood. Grant passed into the category of heroes - lovers, acting with such actresses as Juliana Moore (“Nine months“, 1995) and Julia Roberts (“Notting Hill“, 1999). In “Four weddings“ the actor received 100 thousand dollars for the role. Five years later its fees grew to several million. Scot John Hanna far was bought not at once, continuing to act in the homeland. Its star exit took place only in 1999 - m when he showed remarkable comic talent in Stephen Sommers`s “Mummy“.

The Englishwoman Christine Scott Thomas did not begin to be exchanged for overseas gold mountains, preferring the European projects. And nearly received the Oscar for the role in the winner of 1996, “The English patient“.

And here the director Mike Newell did not refuse to move across the ocean. After that it sharply replaced a genre, having shot the gangster movie “Donnie Brasko“ with Depp and Pacino, and in 2005 even brought the contribution in creation of one of Potteriana`s series. The last loud project of Newell is the blockbuster “the Prince of Persia: Time sand“.

But most of all admirers of “Four weddings“ Richard Curtice pleases. The screenwriter did not begin to limit himself to writing of texts for Mr. Bing, and itself undertook to create. As a result we have two smart movies - Christmas “Real love“ and rebellious “Fate - a wave“. Who knows, maybe, and its following movie with the working name “About Time“ will become a bright and unforgettable event too.