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Love. Tovarno - the monetary relations?

After emotional night conversation I began to reflect. About love and about tovarno - the monetary relations. I understand that even comparison of one with another for most of people too unpleasantly. The love in our representation is something sublime and festive, and tovarno - the monetary relations - something low and everyday.

I suggest not to throw in me at once stones, to put for a while aside emotions and to try to understand quietly and deliberately this question.

At first about tovarno - the monetary relations. I will even make a separate subtitle, here such: Tovarno`s

- the monetary relations

That it tovarno - the monetary relations? By definition, it is a goods exchange for money.

We will follow a simple and clear example. The baker bakes bread. And I buy it. It also is tovarno - the monetary relations, isn`t it? In what their essence?

Their essence that I need bread. That is I have a requirement in bread. If the requirement was not, I would not begin to change the money for bread. And then any tovarno - the monetary relations between me and the baker would not be.

And the baker has a requirement in money. If it had no need for money, hardly it would begin to change the tasty bread for my money. So I also went hungry with the tugriks.

Or other example. I do not dance in the ballet. The truth - the truth, I do not dance. And therefore I have no need for ballet slippers. And there are no times requirement - that I and do not enter in tovarno - the monetary relations with producers of ballet slippers.

I think, the simple thought that in a basis tovarno - the monetary relations mutual requirements lie , is obvious and does not need further proofs.

Now we will pass to love.

the Love relations

of the Relation love, at first sight, with the relations tovarno - monetary have nothing in common. But let`s understand what means the statement simple in appearance I love you?

Most often it means that I want to be with you together. And why I want to be with you together? Because with you to me it is good, and without you it is bad.

Me without you it is bad - it means that at your presence I experience strong positive emotions. How you look at me, how you take me by hand, from sounds of your voice. And if you are absent nearby - that is not present also those strong positive emotions.

So, I love you means I want to experience positive emotions which you give me. The same can be told in other words: I have a requirement in strong positive emotions, and with your help I satisfy it.

And if you are absent nearby, then my need for strong positive emotions remains unsatisfied, and then I feel bad.

Thus: if I have a requirement to be full - I satisfy it by means of bread which I buy from the baker for money.

If I have a need for strong positive emotions - I satisfy it by means of you, the person at whose presence I experience these strongest positive emotions.

Whether the analogy between purchase of bread and love is visible? I think that yes.

Yes, but: for bread - that I give money. And, as we know, you will not buy love for money.

Of course, you will not buy. For money it is possible to buy only sex - all know, where exactly.

So, the love cannot be bought?

We will continue our reasonings. Let`s say I love you and I want to be together with you to feel strong positive emotions.

But whether you want to be together with me?

Very simply. If you too have a requirement in strong positive emotions, and I can this your requirement satisfy - how I smile to you, how I tell you gentle words, how I kiss you, - then most likely you will reciprocate on my love.

And I will receive strong positive emotions from your smile, and you - from mine. We will exchange smiles in the same way as bread is changed for money - and we will be happy with each other.

And here if you do not receive any strong positive emotions from my smile - then our exchange will hardly take place. Perhaps, there is other woman, and from her smile and tender words you receive much more positive emotions, than from mine. And then you have no need for mine a smile and words.

As a result my love to you and will remain undivided, alas. I offer you ballet slippers, but you do not dance in the ballet, these slippers are not necessary to you. Ours tovarno - the monetary relations - Lyubov`s exchange for love - will not take place

Now, at last, can throw into me stones, tell the and in comments to explain to me, confused, than all - differs love from tovarno - the monetary relations.