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You always in we wash heart. (I devote to IT)

Ya long to this
went. And long studied it. It was much spent nerves, much spilled by
got down. But all this was worth it. Because now I found freedom and became internally
independent of you, from expectation of meetings with you. My love did not become less,
on the contrary, it increased, but she began to live in me, in we wash heart. It
stopped being selfish. I understood that it is irrespective of where you
are now. I just know that you are. I feel you. You in we wash heart.
All the rest - a matter of time. There will be our meeting today or tomorrow, - it is
not very well, time - it is infinity. It is similar to the continuous line in
of eternity, and we are with you - two points which will be crossed on it early or
late. Our meeting already happened, and emotions, with it connected we already tested, they
are, they are live. And they will always live. This happiness. It just happened. And about
it is mute it is not necessary to speak in the past tense because feelings did not cool down,
turns out that happiness only stretched, there was more, and it has no borders.
Ya learned
to enjoy even expectation of a meeting with you. And for me there is no emptiness,
does not exist aimlessly spent and in vain the lived time. Every minute
of my life is filled with sense, pleasure. I found freedom from expectation, freedom
from dependence to you. I also give you freedom. My feeling of love does not depend on
you. And it is very exciting to realize it! It is fine to be internally free. It is also
true love. To demand nothing, not to expect, and just freely to give
love, to wish you good luck, to think of you only good, to accept you
such what you are. To feel always that you all the same - my part, my
the native little man and that I will love you despite everything: whether you will become
thick whether you will change a hairdress or you will recolour hair in other color, - all the same you will be
it. I know you it. Also I believe that another you will not become.
Therefore do not become angry
about me that I do not call you the first, it does not mean that I do not think of you and that I you do not wait for
, especially it does not mean that I forgot about you or replaced you with
someone. No, just I trust you, just you always in my thoughts, in we wash
heart, with me.