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Loss of relatives. How it is easier to endure it?

All of us only guests in this world, and each of us will leave it sooner or later. Most often people feel horror and fear of inevitability of death, trying to drive from themselves these thoughts away.

Really while the person lives, he has to enjoy life, look for in it good and fill the soul with what makes it happier. But inevitably there is an affection for people, for those who are dear to us, we do not imagine loss of the loved one, we cannot assume thought that he suddenly will not become.

Of course, we would like to avoid it, never to face loss pain. But life of subjects is also invaluable that it is fragile and is temporary, we want or not, but the result is in advance known to all of us.

For whom to feel sorry? The wanderer -
Will pass everyone in the world, will come and again will leave the house.
O of all left dreams a hemp field
With wide month over a blue pond.

C. Yesenin

Is disposal

Ya I think that the only saving option in this case is a change of the relation to this event. Probably, all know that in some countries a funeral is similar to a holiday. For example, on the sacred island of Bali organize the whole ceremonies when see off the person to the world other. Inhabitants of this island consider death as disposal of soul of terrestrial fetters, as finding of freedom, contact with eternity. Therefore a funeral for them is similar to a holiday, will not see grief and tears on faces, only some humility, understanding of truth anywhere.

Not easy to understand it and to accept. But if to look more deeply, then it is possible to see that mourning the person, we feel sorry for of , it to us at this moment badly. To us it is bad without this person, he is not enough, we at the moment of suffering mourn feelings, loss. But if you believe in existence of life after death, then think what to soul your close at the sight of your painful sufferings? Better you would pray for it, for that his soul found rest. all are living

At God

there is no

of Death, at God all are living. It is necessary to consider himself as part of the Universe to which we come back as ocean drops which come back to native elements, home. It is better to think that the soul in other world will become easy and careless as the child, learns unearthly pleasure, will get to the wonderful and harmonious world where all are living where it will meet all whom loved. It is better to represent that in that world the ringing children`s laughter and us is heard as if embrace warm and gentle hands of mother. It is better, than to think that it is just the end. Yes, it is the end terrestrial, perishable, transitory, but at the same time as a hobby this return home, it is ease and pleasure.

If from this position to consider death, then it becomes already not so terrible. It is not terrible to leave. You remember the fairy tale about Little Prince: he allowed to bite himself to a snake to come back home (to die), to the rose again to become happy. The death is a disposal of weight of a physical body, of all material, it is transition to other world, more perfect.

There all are living who loved me,
Where rising - as a holiday of infinite life,
Tam is not present the account to the rivers and the seas,
But on them it is impossible to reach home.

is a fragment from the song “Decline“ of Ariya group. This song very well adjusts on quieter understanding of inevitable things, pacifies.

Still when personally on me the melancholy on left suddenly finds, I listen to Maydanov`s song “The orange sun“:

And you know, there it is not terrible, I think not terribly,
Well as perhaps is terrible in the country of our dreams?
Tam is, of course, the sun, the orange sun
Walks according to prospectuses of big cities.
A we sit on a roof who is higher and who is lower,
of Each other embracing a shaggy wing.
Felt depressed to me perhaps, but think of
All this then.

in the best!

Think about good, please! In life and there are so enough reasons for pain, for grief, for disappointments. Trust in the best, represent the best. Also you love, care about each other. All of us are such fragile, vulnerable and live. If you appreciate the life, then admire it!