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How it is correct to choose seeds for a lawn?

What summer resident would not like to grow up a beautiful well-groomed lawn? Theoretically process not so difficult, and here in practice not everything will turn out as it is conceived. For beginning “grinkiper“ selection of seeds is of great importance for a lawn. And they in the market appeared quite a lot. Let`s understand as it is correct to choose seeds for a lawn.

The lawn is the whole ecosystem which lives under the laws. Right after crops of a travosmesa cultural seeds enter fight against weeds for domination in the territory. Those plants which develop quicker oppress and restrict the rivals. And cultural herbs are a defeated party usually. What to do, weeds are more hardy and unpretentious to weather conditions.

To create advantage to cultural cereals, it is necessary to use correctly seeds for sowing lawns. Here, for example, there is such technology of pelleting . It when apply the cover consisting of growth factors and fertilizers on each sunflower seed. All cunning is that at crops of a lawn drazhirovanny seeds nutrients move to each sprouted cereal adresno. Compare usual introduction of fertilizer under crops when all shoots including weeds, receive identical additional food.

The effect of use of drazhirovanny seeds for a lawn is swept especially up on soils rather poor. Here weeds lag behind in growth cereals and do not oppress a lawn grass. Besides it must be kept in mind that birds are not interested in seeds in a cover.

Thus, the best seeds for a lawn - drazhirovanny, and it is rather simple to buy them in any specialized shop. Upon purchase of such seeds keep in mind that their cost needs to be estimated in recalculation not on kilogram, and on square meter of the sowed area. The norm, or more precisely, an expense of seeds for a lawn, is specified on packing. Depending on a cover the identical quantity of seeds can have different weight.

And the structure of a cover at each producer of seeds for a lawn can be different too. Attentively read inscriptions on packing. The most effective component of the dragee enveloping lawn seeds is a nitrogen. It is necessary to a plant at the initial stage of its growth. And minerals and humates will not prevent too. They promote increase of energy of germination of seeds.

To slow down growth of a lawn grass and to give chance to weeds get stronger the spring heat or a cold snap can. However weather, ideal for crops of a lawn, seldom when happens. Therefore we advise “grinkiper“ to pay attention to the appeared novelty - the seeds processed by biologically active extracts, Emin, a humate and zircon which make active immunity of shoots.

To receive an elastic dense lawn, usually resort to its frequent bevelling and podkormka. Many “grinkiper“ dream of “a lawn for lazy“. Here for them there were also special travosmes on the basis of undersized cereals which do not need frequent bevelling. The main lack of these “dwarfish“ herbs - slow growth in breadth.

Recently in cultivation of lawns the new direction appeared. These are herbs which part mushrooms - endofita are. They change appearance of a lawn: slow down blossoming of cereals, frighten off insects - wreckers, increase the speed and density of growth of a dernina. Such blossoming and dense lawn - dream of many even of skilled “grinkiper“. The USA already sells enriched with mushrooms - endofitam of a grade of lawn herbs. I think that they will be available also at us for sale soon.

We understood as it is correct to choose seeds for a lawn. And all - to grow up at itself at the dacha the English luzhok, will be required time and work.