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How to grow up and make multiple copies a sea-buckthorn?

Having seen a sea-buckthorn bush at the end of summer, it is possible to believe that gold grows also on trees. Its jam, juice and just frozen berries will be at many summer residents. They will help to recover to any got sick. Cultivation and reproduction of a sea-buckthorn on garden sites does not present a great difficulty. Let`s tell how it is correct to do it.

The sea-buckthorn grows at a small tree or a bush. Blossoms early, along with growth of leaves. Fruits of a sea-buckthorn ripen in 90 - 100 days. The berries which are densely seated on a branch have the form of a sphere or the cylinder. They are bright, oily, from light-yellow till red color.

At acquisition of a sea-buckthorn it is better to choose a kornesobstvenny sapling from the zoned grades. It is desirable that the sapling had branchings at the basis. The multibarrelled bush without additional formirovka will grow from it. The sea-buckthorn belongs to the dvudomny pollinated plants and if you on a site have no sea-buckthorn, then it is necessary to buy two saplings - female and man`s.

When and how to plant a sea-buckthorn

Usually plant a sea-buckthorn in the early spring. She is photophilous and prefers the easy trained fertile soils with neutral reaction. On clay recommend to add sand or gravel to a landing hole. Before landing of a sea-buckthorn bring 200 g of chloride potassium and 150 g of superphosphate in a hole (50x50x50 cm). Next spring, even before blooming of leaves, to the soil add 40 g of ammonium nitrate. The next 3 - 4 years a sea-buckthorn do not feed up.

Cultivation of a sea-buckthorn from shanks and offsprings

as landing material can quite be used root offsprings from the growing high-quality plants. In the spring the offsprings who are picked up for reproduction of a sea-buckthorn it is necessary to separate from a maternal bush, without digging out. During the summer at them will grow good own roots. During the landing or change of a sapling we shorten roots secateurs, we bury a root neck of a shank at 10 - 15 cm. So the adult plant will have more powerful root system.

Some gardeners plant a sea-buckthorn obliquely. It is not necessary to do it as at a plant at the same time the wrong krone is formed and the set of tops is formed. Landing of shanks of a sea-buckthorn has to be vertical.

How to look after a sea-buckthorn

Care of a sea-buckthorn simple. It is necessary to loosen the soil around a plant superficially not to damage highly lying roots. The drying-out branches of a sea-buckthorn should be cut out immediately. It will increase the productive term of life of a plant.

Can happen so that in a garden there will be no man`s plant, i.e. a pollinator. In this case it is possible to ask for neighbors at the dacha several branches with tychinochny flowers and to shake off from them pollen over a female plant. If in its krone to do vaccination of several shanks from a man`s plant, then cares with pollination of a sea-buckthorn will not become.

How to reap a sea-buckthorn crop

begin Gathering berries of a sea-buckthorn with the middle of August and continue in September. To bring together them it is very difficult - the fruit stem often tears off a thin skin piece. On a bottom of a basket or the enameled ware it is better to lay a polyethylene film. Berry after collecting is usually not washed - so there will be more juice. If fruits are covered with dust from the road lying a row, then it is better to water them from a hose before collecting directly on bushes.

It is easier to pick immature berries of a sea-buckthorn, of course, but they did not save up biologically active agents in enough yet. It is possible to determine the optimum term of harvesting by pleasant turned sour - to sweet taste of berries and emergence of a peculiar aroma.

Some gardeners practice a combined method of cleaning of a sea-buckthorn. For this purpose cut off secateurs part of the fructifying branches, and pick other berries from a bush. In the center of krone of a sea-buckthorn there are a lot of fructifying branches without continuation escapes, so-called ears. Here they also should be cut off. And it is more convenient to choose berries on the cut-off branches houses by means of cuticle scissors, sitting on a chair at a table. Manually pick sea-buckthorn berries by means of various devices, for example, of an extension with a scaffold or a steel wire in the form of a slingshot.

Various useful preparations can be made of a sea-buckthorn for the winter. the Concentrated sea-buckthorn compote

For its preparation berries put

in bank to the coat hanger and fill in with hot syrup (400 g of sugar on 1 l of water). Then to bank will pasteurize and roll up.

of Mashed potatoes from sea-buckthorn berries

of Berry should be warmed up previously in a small amount of water, and then to wipe through a sieve. On 1 kg of the wiped berries it is necessary to add 600 - 800 of sugar, to mix and warm up carefully at a temperature of 90 degrees within five minutes. Then to spread out in hot banks and quickly to cork them. It is possible to make sea-buckthorn berries puree and without sugar. In this case pasteurization is required. sea-buckthorn Jam

the Fruits collected in an initial stage of maturing to pour

sugar (on 1 kg of berries of 1,2 kg of sugar), to sustain 5 hours in the cool place, then to cook on weak fire to readiness, deleting foam. To spread out in the prepared banks and to cork hermetically.

Juice from sea-buckthorn berries for the winter

to Pass berries via the juice extractor, to add sugar syrup (400 g of sugar on 1 l of water) or sugar (1,2 kg on 1 kg of berries). To store sea-buckthorn juice without sugar, it should be propasterizovat and to cork hermetically. Useful properties of a sea-buckthorn

of Berry of a sea-buckthorn and medicines from them are appreciated by

around the world. Berries contain in significant amounts vitamins C, E, P, V, carotene, and also a beta - sitosterol which reduces cholesterol level. The sea-buckthorn promotes rejuvenescence of an organism and recovering of forces from an illness.

Grow up and make multiple copies a sea-buckthorn on the seasonal dachas.