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Whether there are in the nature rejuvenating apples?

rejuvenating apples occur In fairy tales of the Russian writers quite often. They wonderfully cured diseases and prolonged life to fantastic heroes. Surprisingly the fact that such apples are actually! It was proved by the selector, professor L. I. Vigorov who was engaged in creation of the fruits and berries having medicinal and preventive properties.

And everything began with the fact that in 1950 professor began to create a unique garden in Sverdlovsk, by 1960 collected a collection from 700 grades of apple-trees, and by the end of 1968 there were already 1200 grades only of one apple-trees, apart from tens of other fruit crops. In the works Leonid Ivanovich referred to words of Michurin who bequeathed to the followers to remove a grade of apples which would cure many diseases and prolonged life.

The selector studied in the laboratory contents in fruits of vitamins, natural antibiotics, minerals and other connections, useful to the person. During this work the scientist found out that the vast majority of grades of apple-trees and other fruit crops with fruits, really useful to the person, meet very seldom. From the grades of only 5% investigated by it contained such amount of biologically active agents which could exert positive impact on human health in apples.

Professor came to a conclusion that such widespread grades of apples as “White filling“, “Papirovka“, “Melba“, “Uelsi“, “Cinnamon striped“, “Shafranny Pepin“, “the Moscow Grushovka“ and some other, have the low content of two the vitamins, main for an organism, - C and P, and do not fill their shortage in an organism. However in Vigorov`s collection there were apple-trees at which fruits are tens times more vitamin-rich, than listed. Professor also used these grades for removal of rejuvenating apples. However those years domestic selectors and the whole world, went on other way. In their work productivity, appearance and taste of apple were chosen as the main criterion. Thus, creation of apple of health faded into the background.

Professor Vigorov liked to say that only several pieces of rejuvenating apples a day will replace 10 kg usual. Concerning these curative fruits it is told in the known English saying of “An Apple a day keeps a doctor away“ - “One apple a day - and the doctor is not necessary“.

More than 40 years that results of work of L. I. Vigorov were appreciated were required. Interest of scientists and gardeners in grades of its collection increases every year.

Rejuvenating apples of professor Vigorov really exist, and their medical effect is confirmed and checked in the Ural clinics. In particular, for a midland of Russia such grades of apple-trees as “Filling scarlet“, “Chernenko`s Recipe“, “Grandmother`s“, “Vitamin Isaeva concern to them“. For Siberia and the Urals - “Long“, “Dawn“, “Ranetka the Dessert“, “Omsk Grushovka“. High content of vitamins P and C in apples of these grades is capable to reduce, in particular, arterial pressure and to exert the revitalizing impact on warmly - vascular system in general.

What is the rejuvenating apple? Among the grades capable to warn zheludochno - intestinal diseases, are recognized: “Ural Pancake week“, “Omsk Anisik“, “Melon Dibrova“, “Arcades yellow“. And such grades of apples as “Apricot“, “Northerner Lisavenko“, “Peach“, interfere with cell aging and increase immunity.

Here it is possible to mention also rejuvenating grades of pears. The majority of the European grades known to us of special medical value are not. And here those which “came“ to us from the Far East - “Subject“, “Siberian“ “Olya“, are useful as they contain an antibiotic arbutin which prevents inflammatory processes and formation of stones in kidneys.

In the grades of blackcurrant of “Pigeon“ which are selected by Vigorov, “Victory“, “Michurin`s Memory“ of vitamin C contains 3 - 4 times more, than in many other grades.

B2 vitamin which is necessary for prevention of neurosises and normalization of nervous system of the person is found by professor in grades of Prunes Manchurian and Yellow Efforts plum.

Griot Victory cherry and Kuzmin`s Memory raspberry contains a lot of B9 vitamin which increases immunity and possesses anticarcinogenic activity.

As for a sea-buckthorn, a dogrose, an aktinidiya, a hawthorn, a mountain ash and a honeysuckle, they practically everything accumulate a valuable complex of vitamins and biologically active elements. For example, in a mountain ash and a sea-buckthorn of tryptophane of which in an organism the serotonin known to us as happiness hormone is formed contains more than in bananas.

So not only apples can be rejuvenating.

About 40 years before scientists and gardeners estimated results of work of professor L. I. Vigorov were required. Unfortunately, it did not live up to this time. And now on sale of a grade of rejuvenating apples meet not so often.

Where it is possible to buy rejuvenating apples? Medical grades of fruit crops are most available in nurseries and the selection centers. Shanks and saplings of rejuvenating apples can get also at private gardeners. The fullest collection of polyvitaminic fruit crops is collected in the Botanical garden of MSU and Michurinsk to a garden in Moscow where too saplings and shanks for instilling are on sale.

Eat rejuvenating apples and you will be always healthy!