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How to become the participant of the program “To a young family - affordable housing“? Whether

are Known by you that the state program “To a young family - affordable housing“ allows to get the apartment twice cheaper than its market value? Not only young families, but also some workers of the budgetary sphere can take part in it. I will tell interested how to become the participant of the program.

This program began to work in 2002. During this time 16 thousand young families bought affordable housing in Moscow and the Moscow region. The program had to be closed in 2010, but it was prolonged till 2015. There is an opportunity to use its benefits 3 more years.

Who can become participants of the program “To a young family - affordable housing“ in Moscow:

Citizens of Russia - spouses are not more senior than 35 years, with children or a childless family which is married not less than 1 year. One of spouses has to have the Moscow registration.

A young family which got in line for receiving the municipal apartment to 01. 03. 2005

of Young specialists (35 years are not more senior) are doctors, teachers, workers of the social sphere who are financed from the city budget.

Families of young scientists, graduate students, teachers of the Moscow higher education institutions who live in the constrained conditions and correspond to such definition as a young family.

How to become the participant and programs “To a young family - affordable housing“?

It is necessary to get in line in prefecture. From there potential participants are sent for consideration in regional Department of housing policy of Moscow. Of course, it will be necessary to enclose necessary documents to the application. Within 10 days they will be checked and then reported to the applicant about recognition of a young family by the participant of the program or about refusal.

Included in the program hand the certificate which period of validity 2 months. It will need to be handed over in the bank which is the partner of this program. The bank opens the account addressed to participants for receiving the credit which is allocated from the city budget.

The apartments bought according to the program “To a young family - affordable housing“, cost by 2-4 times cheaper of market. The initial contribution is necessary usually within 20-60% of apartment cost. It can be lowered to 15 and even 10% for young families at which is two and more minor children. To a family in which three and more small children, about 30% of cost of the apartment are at once paid. An important point in the program is situation with which in compliance for repayment of the credit it is possible to use a maternity capital.

The housing to participants of the program is provided mainly in Moscow area. Last year it were the satellite towns of Lyubertsy, Balashikha and Krasnogorsk.

To support these theoretical provisions, we will give a concrete example of purchase of the apartment according to this program Terekhov` family. Together with the grandmother and the daughter of the spouse of Terekhova were registered in a communal flat and therefore got in line for receiving the municipal apartment in the beginning. This turn went very slowly and the prospect to move to own housing was too far.

In 2005 Terekhova became participants of the program “To a young family - affordable housing“. However, the offer on purchase of the apartment which suited them arrived only in 2008. So Terekhov` family became the owner 2 - x the room apartment in Krasnogorsk with payment by installments for 10 years. In total in the new house they have to pay 2,7 million rubles for this apartment that is twice lower than its market value. The first payment for purchase made 1,2 million rubles. Other sum has to be paid by installments - about 10% of a total cost a year.

After moving to the new apartment in Terekhov` family the second child was born. Their debt was reduced at once by 300 thousand rubles. Before they paid bank for the apartment 60 thousand rubles a quarter. Now - 40 thousand rubles.

Now the young family of Terekhov lives in own apartment several years. It was necessary to pay to them for it incomplete 6 years.

This really possible solution of a housing problem for young Muscovites. There are similar programs and in other regions of Russia, within the federal project “Affordable and Comfortable Housing - to Citizens of Russia“.