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How to fight against petrol prices and traffic jams?

come to an end Winter, and the prices for liter of automobile fuel already passed for dollar. In the USA which for oil is at war worldwide and contain puppet governments, gasoline is cheaper. Taking into consideration such “love“ of our authorities to own people, warming and traffic jams which with a fuel rise in price for some reason do not become less, it is a high time to think of acquisition of any alternative and more economic types of city transport.

Excepting any exotic, except the bicycle and the scooter, the world industry can offer nothing to a wide range of consumers today. We already wrote about bicycles, we will stop on scooters. Only let`s not confuse the scooter to the moped as the moped is the certain transitional link from the bicycle to the scooter having the weak engine urged to move not so much independently the horseman how many to facilitate rotation of pedals.

So, scooter. Happens electric and to an internal combustion engine.

The scooter on electrodraft - a thing amusing, but still rare. The stock of the course has from 35 to 80 km on one accumulator charging and is loaded from the ordinary household socket. In operation is cheaper than the petrol analog approximately by 6 times. Time for a full charge from 3,5 to 7 hours. For city driving there would be most if not the maloresursnost of modern accumulators which years through 3 will demand replacement and will be cost by about three quarters of cost of the scooter. What completely crosses out the economy received earlier.

The scooter with an internal combustion engine is the simplest to buy and operate . They in the Russian market are from 50 cubic cm to 750 cubic cm. On control of scooters with a cubic capacity higher than 50 in the Russian Federation the license of category is required “And“ that does purchase of big and powerful scooters already not especially - that by interesting undertaking. And to operate in the conditions of city traffic jams the big and heavy two-wheeled car not really comfortably. And the half liter model will have a fuel consumption almost like at the car. Unlike 50 - the vat scooter which expense keeps within 2,5 - 3 liters on 100 km of run.

It is necessary to notice that it is very simple to steer the scooter of the decent producer. These cars are supplied with a variator and demand from the driver of ability to carry out exactly three operations: to drive, increase the gas handle speed and to brake. Transfers should not be switched and in general - even the child will manage to drive.

Modern the scooter are, as a rule, perfectly balanced, have either a back arrangement of the engine, or tunnel. If this two-wheeled machine “not quilt“, and just to go by it, observing everything service - intervals and requirements of operation, then a resource of the engine and running easily there are enough thousands for 60 - 70 run. That is in the conditions of city and seasonal operation is almost lifelong margin of safety. I personally happened to see in Italy legendary Vespy seventy - the year one of release in perfect technical condition.

All above-mentioned does not concern scooters of the Chinese production. That sellers of scooters from China did not claim that supposedly “there is the Chinese factory production and Chinese basement, and it is not necessary to confuse them“, to meet the scooter, made in China in decent quality, nobody had enough yet. The qualitative, reliable and durable Chinese scooter is a myth, or a legend which existence is supported by sellers of these doubtful goods.

The falling-off and not adjusted plasticity of bad quality, weak metal, settlement and technical mistakes, an engine resource in 1500 - 3000, the safety which is not counted at all and so on - here realities of scooters from China. Though they traditionally design nothing, and just copy equipment of famous brands, but do the same it traditionally badly. However, the price at which they are on sale for many will seem very attractive. But avaricious, as we know, pays twice.

The most reliable and thought over the scooter, adapted under the large horseman is a technology of the European production. Italian or French. Also very good the scooter Germans do. The technology of the American production meets, but in the Russian market it is for the present exotic. Moreover, America is the largest importer of the Italian and Japanese scooters.

The most widespread the scooter - Japanese. They not the best in the plan of ratios a convenience / safety / balance / resource, but nevertheless fantastically reliable at normal and adequate operation also cost rather not much.

Besides, among them the real engineering masterpieces incidentally come across. For example, there is couple modelek about three wheels with a gyroscope. Unique device and inexpensive.

And in general the subject of tricycles, or trayk (the three-wheeled vehicle quite so is called), in a scooter format excites many years minds of producers. The equipment both meets forward placement of couple of wheels, and back. In respect of stability on the road at small speeds or at stops existence of three contact points with the road - of course, big plus, but it is necessary to pay for it in slightly big dimensions that in traffic jams is not so convenient.

For operation in difficult weather conditions by many producers unique machines - with a roof including with removable, with an oven and with heating of handles of management are issued in general.

Still there are “fashionable“ and “glamourous“ models, and there are also purely practical. “Ant“ you remember the Soviet motor scooter? Here such pass - trucks and pass - taxi are issued many producers to this day. The first here - Hindus. In India in general there is a huge skuterny industry developed much more the autoindustry. There even motor-a rickshaw is far more popular than an automobile taxi, traditional for the European. What, however, is characteristic of the most part of Asia and Oceania.

So, misters, means of fight against traffic jams are, economy of money on movement in a warm season on the city too, choose the pleasant model and forward! I to myself already ordered.