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You are copied by the girlfriend. What to do?

you try, go shopping to find an interesting thing which anybody does not have, except you, darling. Then you come to work in a new image, and all delighted with your choice. But always nearby the girlfriend who constantly copies you. Next day you with horror see that your new idea is impudently stolen by your girlfriend. In the head different “sawdust“ climbs. Calm down. Without panic. To all there is the of the reasons which we will understand now.

“Why it does it?“

1. You - its idol. She follows an example of you. Tries to be similar to you. You do not despair, it is a fate of all idols.

2. She envies you. Success at work, you manage to play sports and on the personal front everything is all right. The girlfriend wants the same interesting life. Only an ill luck - copying your image, it does not change the life, and there is similarity, and that only externally.

3. She tries to study. And it happens too. Your girlfriend has no intention to steal you from you. Just she did not find the style, and is afraid to make own decisions. In this case you have to help the girlfriend. Share experience, arrange sovsemtny shopping. Let she will try to select to herself clothes, and you will be near to prompt as it is better.
“Suddenly it will take my place?“

It should not concern you at all. People around you fairly clever, they see a situation into which you got. And here your girlfriend, most likely, looks ridiculously. Remember! Nobody ever will be able to replace you! Even if the girlfriend painted hair, straightened them and made a hairstyle in accuracy as she at you, plus added the same shoes from a new collection for which you saved not one month, it will not turn into you completely. It will not change color of eyes and build of a body! Anyway the original is much better than its numerous copies!

“What to do to you?“

1. Ignore. Yes, it is difficult. You are not angry, exhale, once again. Try not to pay attention to its tricks. Do not answer questions of people around, shrug shoulders. If you begin to be provoked, leave better incidentally not to state everything that you think. Result: to the girlfriend will bother to be your double.

2. Talk. Without emotions and reproaches explain that it is unpleasant to you. Learn the true reason of its acts. Can it the help is necessary?

3. Help. It is the best of options. Help it to find the style, pick up together a hairdress. Give advice concerning its figure. She will listen to your opinion, you have a faultless taste.

Worldwide there live people who copy somebody. Some even earn money on it. You are copied by one girl, and present how many they are the share of Angelina Jolie?.

Now you fully equipped. Do not worry if the double appeared. At least, you know that you follow an example of you, so on the right track. Twins do not long that they with the sister are as like as two peas. The interior is individual. As does not exist in the nature of two identical snowflakes, there will be around the world no people absolutely similar at each other.