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In what sense of internal growth? Everything begins with itself!

Are useless to the person to look for harmony in the outside world if in the thoughts it did not find it and does not know what is it. It is impossible to see beauty of this world if in soul it is dark and empty, and other people cannot be “lit“ if in the person there is no spark, there is no light. Begin

with yourself!

Each person has to begin

first of all with himself. To change internally and to develop then the desire to compare itself to others will disappear, to impose something to them and to condemn because understanding of that at everyone here, on Earth, the way, the lessons and tasks will come.

Those people who strive for knowledge and look for truth, will independently look for it, persistently, constantly. No matter, how many footwear they will trample in search of sense, but they will find it. And before the one who sincerely wishes something to achieve all closed doors will open once, there will be answers to all arisen questions.

Should not “cause good“ violently

there is no

sense to explain to the five-year-old child a chemical composition of water, to it it is absolutely unimportant what salts in it and substances, it only satisfies thirst, without seeking to burden itself with information unnecessary it.

And many people are simply not ready and do not want to understand something, they in something are similar to five-year-old children, to them well now, and the level of their knowledge quite corresponds to their perception of the world. It is quite enough their knowledge for comfortable stay in it, for satisfaction of the requirements. Therefore if you will approach and will begin “to rub“ something to the person, “to set him straight“, he from you will just wave away, will not understand, will not hear. Also it is not necessary to approach it. Also it is not necessary violently “to cause good“. He will not estimate.

Everything is good in its season!

People in general enough watchfully treat those who try to make for them something good. And what easily gets, as a rule, is not appreciated. Therefore let to something will come. Will independently work as the head, will comprehend something. It is useless to impose them the point of view. They just will not understand it and will not accept. Everything is good in its season. At the beginning of training each of us begins with the alphabet and only then passes to reading serious literature. So do not urge to read Dostoyevsky where still read the alphabet.

be not afraid “to fill to yourself cones“

Work better on yourself! Ask from yourself! And then there will be nobody to accuse of the mistakes. Yes and no them, mistakes, per se. Any mistake is a lesson, experience. And experience, as we know, is invaluable.

“Filling itself cones“, we become wiser, we develop, we feel and live certain moments more deeply. This experience us forms, leaving the marks, the tags in soul. For this reason all of us such different, not similar at each other, on a face remain with someone offense prints if there were not enough forces to cope with this offense, at someone in eyes the love always shines - such people all win love! Also live with it, both work, and find huge internal happiness, keeping love in themselves. And to nobody not in power to forge a sincere spark in eyes, a kind smile, internal light of charm! All this costs the maximum expenses of soul, work on itself, a victory over the weaknesses.

Therefore let`s not be afraid to live, love and act because our happiness and finding of harmony with themselves, and with the world depends only on us! In total through knowledge, through experience, with a great effort love comes to us. Work on yourself!