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Whether idols are necessary to children?

the Child since the earliest years seek to equal on someone. And there is an idol - a generalized character, but not the so vital plan. Parents need to watch strictly that the simple hobby did not become the center of the universe.

Why such vigilance is necessary? Practically each adult in the childhood had ideals, examples for imitation. Modern children choose idols from the same environment: famous people, heroes of movies, singers, athletes, etc. In it there is nothing surprising, public people in some measure build the popularity and activity on attention and devotion of admirers.

Idols can change, overturn outlook, more interesting and more interesting to become. But in any times the people who for some reasons became for someone an example or even an idol have to bear responsibility for the acts, actions and lifestyle. Present idols are very many-sided, and the impression is made that they conduct the admirers from one period of a growing to another. Children choose object of worship often unconsciously, povinuyas active advertizing or imitating people around.

Not all parents are ready to share up to the end hobbies of the children and therefore many of them act with bans, exposing to an idol of the child subjective and not always a right assessment. You should not show excessive haste, it is necessary to look narrowly more attentively at the child, to try to understand his bents and preferences. An involvement of children into a popular image are an attempt on something to lean, cultivate in itself special qualities and lines. From here and desire to surround itself with attributes of an idol, his images.

It is better for parents to treat with understanding to presence of an idol at the child. Most likely, his hobby is a peculiar level which either will raise over time, or will bring disappointment. In other words, “everything passes, and it will pass“. Therefore you should not approach too crucially it, on the contrary, it is necessary to learn more about an idol of the child. Let he will tell about it, will explain that he so attracts it why he admires image and acts of the idol.

Watching preferences of the child, once itself asks a question: whether there corresponds to them its idol? Equaling on someone, the child by all means has to receive a kind, positive charge, but not some uncertain ambiguous ideals contradicting firm universal values. At the same time it is necessary to track whether leaves time for something else given hobby. The child should unostentatiously let know that the idol is the person, perhaps, having the persons for imitation too. Thanks to own talents, charisma and often successful combination of circumstances, many can achieve success and popularity. Popularity is the achieved dream, but behind it often there is a persistent work and a thorny road.

The child who has an idol or the direction interesting to it, finds a common language with peers better and not only. Therefore it is short-sighted to put down straight off categorical marks “bad - good“. Children do not accept such position, resist, take offense to tears and become reserved. Existence of idols gives to parents an opportunity to grope reference points of development of the child. So why not to use it?