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How to save the baby from the milkwoman?

the Milkwoman at the newborn - unfortunately, quite widespread and unpleasant disease. It is caused by a microscopic barmy fungus of Candida albicans (Latin of Albicans - whitish).

Normal in a small amount this fungus is part of flora of a mouth, vagina and a thick gut of everyone, but at change of acidity mucous its number considerably grows, causing a disease candidiasis, better known as the milkwoman.

the newborn it is a lot of reasons of emergence of the milkwoman. Most often infection occurs vnutriutrobno from the infected mummy as Candida fungi in the started cases are found in the pregnant woman in amniotic liquid and in a placenta. The second frequent way of infection from mother to the child occurs during passing by the kid of patrimonial ways. In other cases infection of the kid occurs at insufficient observance by mother of rules of hygiene.

Insufficiently pure pacifier or a toy, badly washed up hands, kiss the child on a mouth at defeat of a mucous mouth of mother. And one more way of infection: during feeding of the baby a breast when the fungus gets on mucous a mouth of the kid from nipple skin.

But hit of a fungus on mucous not always leads to growth of its number. In order that the disease developed, condition fungus populations, favorable for growth, are necessary for :

- a certain temperature condition;
- the damp environment;
- necessary acidity.

The mouth of the child is the good place not only for a fungus attachment to mucous, but also for its active growth and increase in number of a colony. Once again I will repeat that hit of a fungus on mucous not always conducts to the milkwoman. What else is necessary for development of a disease?

the Lowered organism resilience, that is the lowered immunity when the organism does not cope with growth of number of a fungus independently. When it occurs? In the first days of life of the baby when his organism did not begin to develop enough antibodies independently yet. Metabolic disorder of an organism, violation of endocrine system. Also it occurs during long-term treatment of the child antibiotics when the balance of internal flora of an organism is broken. Quite often the milkwoman children who after feeding often belch as in a mouth they create optimum conditions for the pathogenic growth of a fungus are surprised.

How to learn whether the child is struck with Candida fungus? for this purpose have enough to glance in a mouth to the kid. First on mucous a uvula, gums, the sky and cheeks white krupinchaty points appear. Over time their quantity increases and points become similar to tvorogoobrazny grains, further all mucous becomes covered by a white raid. If the child does not receive treatment, then the raid turns gray over time, then turns yellow and becomes similar to a purulent plenochka. In attempt to carefully clean a tampon this film it remains on the place, but at a certain effort is removed, leaving struck mucous on which blood droplets act. You should not hope that the milkwoman over time “itself will pass“. If a disease not to treat, it will pass into more severe form when the gullet and other bodies of a gastrointestinal tract is surprised.

What to do if your kid is struck with a fungus? the set of ways of fight against a disease Is. And about them it is written quite a lot and in detail. It and irrigation or wiping of a mouth of the child various solutions, and treatment by medicamentous means. What of ways of treatment of the kid will be chosen by you - your business, but surely consult at the pediatrician.

More important than all not to allow the child to catch . How to make it? In - the first, surely you watch the hygiene and the child. Wash hands with soap, you do not go at home in those clothes in which went on the street. Change underwear, especially more often if you suffer from the increased perspiration. If your kid often belches, try not to disturb him right after feeding. One more good way - after each feeding and it is obligatory to give to drink after vomiting to such kid of a little warm boiled water from a small bottle to wash away the milk remains from a mucous membrane, interfering thereby with growth of number of a fungus.

Before each feeding of the newborn a breast be convinced of purity of its integument. Many doctors do not recommend to wash constantly a breast with soap now, someone suggests to wipe nipples and the area adjoining to it with Furacilin solution. I recommend you an excellent national way to which many years ago I was taught by the rural girl, my neigbour in chamber in maternity hospital. Before bring you the kid on the first feeding, cover nipples and an areola (slightly taking up for their border) with natural honey. Not to soil linen, cover all this with circles from cellophane. Leave “a honey mask“ at several o`clock before the first feeding, and then you put medical after each feeding and leave to the following.

But here that important! Before each feeding needs to wash away carefully medical from a breast , without leaving droplets that the child had no allergy. Such honey mask not only kills microbes and fungi, preventing development of the milkwoman in the child, but also softens skin of nipples which will never crack and will not bring you unpleasant feelings during feeding of the child a breast. Thanks to what each feeding will become for you and your kid inexpressible pleasure!

Good luck also take care about health of your children!