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Feminity. What it?

you for certain met the true Appeal. Its image caresses a look. It soft and gentle. It is so loved by men! Also pulls men not to a fine body in pure form. In all centuries the man wants, looks for and loves first of all - Feminity, and already then the clear head, the beauty and just good person.

Despite such pleasant feelings, female qualities we lose, we simply forget what is it

Feminity will not argue with the man. She will softly shroud it in the acceptance and will agree. And if it has other, excellent point of view, it always can naturally and it is even pleasant to achieve the. And he will think that this its decision.

Feminity does not humiliate the man (neither the, nor the stranger). She idolizes him. Always. And he for the sake of the darling, full of pride, forces and determination, will achieve all benefits and will conquer all peaks. And force and courage to it will be given by her boundless belief, slackness, tranquility and tranquility near it. Any man seeks to make such passion happy.

Feminity agrees to be weak. It allows to protect itself, to preserve, patronize. She does not fight, but obeys. And her elect, feeling the responsibility, becomes stronger. He likes to be a man in an environment of it the relations. He will always look for this feeling.

Feminity is an energy of wisdom, intuition and something high. It is not manipulation, but true belief, acceptance, a consent. It not desire by all means to achieve the, but aspiration to care for relatives, to reckon with their desires, to give them the chance to develop, be such what they are.

It would seem, passive to energy which we did not get used to use, are actually deep, effective.

At what representative of a strong half of mankind the hand will be raised against the defenseless, but self-assured and soft girl which, even to contradict - that will not be? Who will be able to shout at you when you agree and will shroud in tranquility and grace? On the true feminity the man will never have an aggression. And there will be a natural desire to protect, keep, help, to show the strong qualities, in a word.

Feminity can coexist with career. But, not at the same time, and in turn. Our main task in they are to be able to switch from one state in another, opposite. Let at work you be a head, the professional, the competitor or the colleague. But then, at home, it is necessary to become it . And then in a family everything will be good: harmony, heat cosiness. And from such house the husband will not escape.

Some representatives of a weak half of mankind and at work successfully use the softness, appeal. However, here it is important not to play and not to replace professionalism with a coquetry.

Feminity wants the man. But does not demand. And her sensual desire will always get a response in its courageous protection.

Feminity is not the movements and even not behavior (external visibility - a consequence). It is a condition of a unification with the nature. Here both slackness, and sensuality, and harmony, ease, velvet, fluidity, smoothness. It you, such native and cozy, and he so wants to plunge and feel in you your clemency always!

Female energy in the presence of several representatives with the corresponding spirit increases and becomes stronger. If you find girlfriends, congenial, and you, for example, will gather behind a tea cup not to be cried and to grow the energy, to experience it and to enjoy a condition of internal harmony, then everyone will be able to be fed from this general force, at the same time feeding people around.

From where this feminity undertakes?

In ancient times ability to be a woman passed from father to son from mother to daughters. Now we lost a lot of things. Began to hesitate of the nature, forgot about it, lost Began to look for new, another. And behind these searches missed something important. And too forgot about it. And then began to take offense at men for the fact that they became such weak, weak-willed. And in many respects men we do, women!

Feminity is in the nature of each of us. It can be felt in itself. For this purpose relax, allow mother to Earth to fill all the space. Be not afraid of it. Also be not afraid of people around. Be not protected, and nobody will attack you. Your softness is not only weakness, but also force.

You raise the nature, you love the nature, accept the essence. And then your life will be filled with harmony and special, fantastic space.